Improve Feedback Accuracy

With our dynamic and powerful real-time surveys, improve your response time and gain better feedback

A Deligthful Process

Make Feedback Collection

A Deligthful Process

Our Proven Approach To

Survey Creation

Create Surveys Easily With Our Questionnaire Builder

Create and customize customer surveys with our Questionnaire Builder in no time. Select from different question types (Star Rating, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Open-text, and more) to cover every aspect (from onboarding to any engagement) of the customers’ experience throughout their entire journey.

Our drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add, delete, modify and reorder survey questions. Add different question tags ranging from NPS and CSAT to Email and SMS to classify and segregate survey questions. This makes it easier during analysis of customer responses.

Set Real-Time Alerts For Surveys

Respond to feedback collected from surveys in real time. Set conditions for survey questions so that when triggered by a customer response, the concerned employee or department is quickly notified regarding it.

For instance, when a customer rates you low on store cleanliness or staff behavior, an alert can be immediately sent to the concerned employee to follow up and take corrective action. At the same time, even positive feedback can be noted in order to recognize and reward employees.

Choose From Our Expert Survey Templates ToImprove Response Rates

Select from industry-specific templates to easily create and run surveys. From retail and hospitality to banking and credit unions, we provide customizable survey templates to track customer experiences holistically.

Our templates are designed to improve response rates, collect more accurate and relevant feedback, and ensure that you glean truly actionable insights by asking the right questions across the right touchpoints.


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