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Create And Customize Surveys Effortlessly

Our dynamic questionnaire builder lets you create and customize survey questionnaires in no time. Choose from different question types (Star Rating, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Open-text and more) to create varied and diversified questionnaires.

Our drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add, delete, modify and reorder survey questions

Add Tags And Conditions To Create Different Questionnaire Flows

Add different question tags ranging from NPS and CSAT to Email and SMS to classify and segregate questions in your surveys. This makes analyzing customer responses easier.

Set triggers in the survey questionnaire so that the questionnaire flow depends on the type of customer responses. A detractor can be asked to answer a completely different set of questions when compared to a passive or promoter. For instance, when a customer rates you below a certain score on the NPS scale, the follow up questions can be a different set compared to the normal flow in a questionnaire.

Identify Questions With Maximum Survey Drop Off Rate

How do you make sure that your customer response rates don’t drop? Use our new response drop-off widget to identify and call out questions for which maximum survey drop offs happen.

Based on these insights, optimize surveys, add, remove or modify questions, and as a result, improve response rates and gain deeper feedback responses to help you ultimately create better experiences.


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