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Simple And Effortless

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Get Real-Time Notifications And Alerts

CloudCherry enables organizations to go from reactive to proactive and reduce churn. Set triggers in surveys in order to receive real-time alerts for customer responses (both positive and negative feedback). For instance, when a customer rates you below or above a particular score, a notification can be sent instantly to the store/branch manager alerting them about the situation.

In case of negative feedback, you can intervene proactively and address the issue, ensuring that the customer is placated. For positive feedback, constantly engage with customers through offers, loyalty programs, and more, to turn them into long-term brand advocates.

Create Real-Time Alerts Across Multiple Touchpoints For Key Metrics

We enable organizations to create real-time alerts for surveys across 17 different digital and physical touchpoints for any metric – NPS, CSAT, CES and more. So, whether it is on your website, at your store, at your contact center, or in your mobile app, always be alerted when a customer is frustrated.

These alerts are linked to a centralized platform which makes it easier to manage multi-channel real-time notifications. Also, this helps in finding out across which touchpoints do customers face the most number of issues.

Analyze Customer Data In A Few Clicks

If you think collecting feedback is easy with CloudCherry, analyzing the data is easier. Drill down into customer responses in just a few clicks to unravel critical customer painpoints and shortcomings of your CX strategy.

Apply multiple filters to further drill down into customer data and study customer behavior in detail. Quickly identify different customer groups (promoters, detractors and more) and reach out to them to drive customer engagement.


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