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Create Dual-Level Themes & Visualize Sentiment On The Theme Classification Widget

CloudCherry ensures that organizations can analyze customer sentiment with a high level of accuracy. We provide 2 levels of theme classification (L1 and L2) that facilitate users to drill down into the sentiment, visualize these themes on our Theme Classification Widget, and truly understand what customers feel about your organization.

Save time spent on reviewing individual customer responses by viewing a hierarchy of themes instantly. Create your own bag of words mapping to generate L1 and L2 themes. This vastly improves the scope of what your organization can achieve with CloudCherry’s sentiment analysis platform.

Tap Into Deep And Machine Learning To Analyze Customer Emotion

We help organizations tap into machine and deep learning to precisely identify customer sentiment associated with open-text responses and brand conversations.

Choose between various powerful technologies – IBM Watson, Azure ML and CloudCherry’s own proprietary deep learning algorithm – to drive customer sentiment analysis and segregate the sentiment in real-time

Set Real-Time Alerts
ForOnline Customer Comments

When a customer is writing a review about your organization, be it on social media or on a third-party site, be notified about it in real-time and respond to it quickly. Get real-time alerts delivered to your mobile or laptop based on the sentiment derived from customer comments/responses/reviews.

In case of negative sentiment, follow up with the customer and resolve the issue by offering a compensation, for instance. For positive sentiment, constantly engage with the customer and reward them with special loyalty points, offers and more.


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