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Journey Mapping

Loyal customers aren’t created by one magical moment. Instead, the customer experience is the accumulation of touchpoints over the customer journey, whether in your store, online, or in app. In order to have a meaningful impact on your customer’s experience, you need to be measuring the experience and interacting with customers across the entire journey – not just through sporadic surveys.

Customer journeys for retail stores are typically divided into three “microjourneys” – in-store, online and a combination of both. Understanding how customers move between these three journeys can help identify opportunities for improvement.

CloudCherry works closely with your team to map the customer’s journey across channels and then bring those insights in product. So instead of a few post-it notes on a wall, or a map in a dusty desk drawer, your customer journey map becomes closely integrated with your CX insights. Understanding where your customers have been is key for having real time, contextual conversations and delivering an excellent customer experience.

Text Analytics

You receive an enormous amount of feedback from customers every day in the form of product reviews, survey responses and social media conversations – but actually putting this feedback into action is difficult. Humans tend to focus on the squeaky wheel, or the loudest anecdotal evidence when making decisions. This isn’t always what’s best for the business.

CloudCherry can turn qualitative customer feedback into actionable customer insight. Our text analytics module uses AI and machine learning to analyze plain, unstructured text to uncover what your customers are really saying and how they really feel. Our natural language processing (NLP) takes the words of your customers and converts them into valuable data by pulling out the most important themes and sentiment. The days of reading and tagging every review or comment are over. Leave the heavy lifting to CloudCherry so you can spend your time delivering a delightful experience for your customers.

Role Based Dashboards

Moving from insight to action requires a dashboard that surfaces more than just trends and survey scores. At CloudCherry, we help you cut through the clutter and identify exactly which concrete actions from you will impact your business performance.

Too much data can be almost as frustrating as not enough data – a situation often resulting in data paralysis. Rather than sending away for a data analyst to crunch through surveys and customer responses, CloudCherry allows you to uncover insights in real time and loop in the relevant stakeholders to take action.

For example, each store manager wants to know what’s happening within their own location. In CloudCherry you can create dashboards for each store and district manager, so they can see everything they need to see – but nothing more. Empower everyone on your team from store managers to product designers to executives with easy to read dashboards.

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