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Customer Journey Mapping

A Definitive Approach To Drive
Customer Experience Through

Customer Journey Mapping

Measure the customer experience at every stage of the journey

Customer experience measurement needs to consider the entirety of the customer journey. There’s no magic moment that you can identify to ensure a repeat customer. Think of it like a doctor measuring your blood pressure during your annual physical. It’s simply a measure of your BP at one specific point in time. You might be stressed about getting to the appointment or just came from a yoga class. Either way, one single reading isn’t going to tell you much about your customers overall health.

Instead of assigning importance to one specific moment, companies need to understand the entire journey to accurately predict and impact customer loyalty.

Micro Journeys

Most companies create a single customer journey map across all points of interaction, but different cohorts of customers might have radically different customer journeys. For example, consider a retailer like Puma that sells products online and in physical stores. They may have two micro journeys and an overall customer journey map:

• Online customers
• In-store customers
• Blended customers

To truly understand the influence of each touchpoint on an individual customer, companies need to understand the context of the interaction. Managing experiences through the lens of multiple micro journeys allows for companies to see the big picture – and to make data driven decisions.

Measuring the
Customer Journey
with CloudCherry

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  • Micro Journeys
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer experience performance by journey stage
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