CX Voice Assist

The CX On Voice Technology

CX On Voice delivers technology to enable you to make quick, on the go decisions about how your CX program is doing -- almost instantly.

CX Voice assist is powered by CloudCherry's patent pending voice analytics AI engine that understands your intent of question than mere words that may get recognized -- just like a real human would do.

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Intelligent, Actionable

Predictive Analytics AI Powered

Let on voice crunch the numbers and figure out what's right, predictive technology that will transform the way you manage, monitor and operationalize your Customer Experience (CX) Programs.

Voice Assist works at every level, right from the CEO to the very front-line staff.

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realtime intelligence to keep you on top of CX
Made with love

Build on-top of powerful CloudCherry CEM APIs is CX Voice Assist, the smartest voice help - ever!

Amazing simplicity

Click, Login, Start Interacting With Voice, No data scientists needed

Fresh and Elegant

First in class for any CEM program worldwide

Ask questions & your done!

In Real-time compute or calculate important metrics to keep your CX program on track

Zero Report reading

No reports need to be read or dashboards analyzed, simply ask what you need, when you need to have our secret sauce to crunch your numbers

Deep Learning Delivered

Wired with access to advanced deep learning analytics engines


few words from early preview users

Really powerful! Am able to arrive at my work desk already knowing what our customers are saying, best use of commute time ever!

CX Analyst

It is tricky to gather quick insights from a complex CEM program deployed across the enterprise but was amazed to have such accessible data on tap when you need it and what you need it for, Go CX on Voice go!

C-Level Executive
Fortune 500 Firm

Really powerful! Am able to arrive at my work desk already knowing what our customers are saying, best use of commute time ever!

CX Analyst

Add CX On Voice to your phone now


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Simply install CX on Voice on to your phone and hold PTT button to say "Login to my account" to login to your CloudCherry account, all valid CloudCherry users at any level right up from the chief executive office to the front-line staff can use CX On Voice Technology to get CX Voice Assist on their CX or CEM program data.
Almost anything! Here are some examples to get started : "What is Net Promoter Score", "Calculate our NPS" or even "Where is Timbuktu ?"
CX On Voice is a fresh technology that uses deep learning via artificial intelligence to understand and action upon your queries in real-time, all CX data sourced and crunched is via CloudCherry's OpenAPI Platform.
Absolutely, you data is perfectly safe, with all security enterprise security compliance measures in-tact and well respected, actual CX data never leaves the data residency that your organization may have selected, all compute is within the region that your data resides in.
CX On Voice plugs in many analytics API backends to deliver results within a conversation, almost any data that is on API can be plugged into conversation, enabling you to use voice assist to compute, lookup info, and do lot more.
Simply click to CloudCherry to get started, or call our friendly sales team at : +1 (385) 290 1395.

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