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CloudCherry offers 17+ channels through which you can track, manage and improve your CX

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Customer Experience

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Omni-Channel CX

17 Different Feedback Channels

CloudCherry provides 17 different physical and digital touchpoints for organizations to collect customer feedback. Organizations can leverage email, website, IVR, chatbots, SMS, smart devices or even pop-up surveys to gauge the customer’s perception of your organization.

Feedback collected across these various touchpoints is centralized on our dashboard, enabling seamless viewing and analysis of data. This helps create a holistic view of the customer wherein every department is aligned towards similar business outcomes.

Derive Actionable Insights And
Drive Personalized Engagement

Our omni-channel customer experience platform allows organizations to not just collect feedback but also extract actionable insights from it. Get real-time insights as well as detailed CX reports to identify and resolve issues along the customer journey, and create continuous improvement strategies.

Identify different customer groups on our insights platform based on various parameters (NPS or CSAT ratings, for example) and engage with them in a personalized way to build stronger customer relationships

Close The Feedback Loop Through
Seamless Integrations

We help you action customer feedback consistently in order to improve loyalty and reduce churn significantly. Make use of our seamless ready-to-go integrations with various CRM or ticketing platforms to close the loop on feedback – tickets can be assigned to agents, who then follow up with customers.

Integrate with marketing platforms to create personalized campaigns for different customer groups. Send out exclusive deals, discounts, offers, and more, based on the type of customer base you’re engaging with.


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