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Create Multi-Channel NPS Surveys
Measuring customer loyalty has never been easier. Organizations can track their Net Promoter Score (NPS) across multiple digital/physical touchpoints and channels. Create and customize unlimited NPS surveys across any number of channels with our Questionnaire Builder in no time.

Tap into email, website, IVR, smart devices, in-app, chatbots, pop-up surveys and more to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Analyze NPS Trends
In addition to addressing instances of positive and negative feedback, you can also analyze NPS trends over time. Stay on top of your NPS all the time. Is it going up or down? Why is your score higher this month compared to the last?

View, interpret and derive insights from NPS trends to drive deeper strategic improvements. CloudCherry provides a simple widget to track these trends over flexible timelines – weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Benchmark Against Your Competition
How close is your NPS to the industry standard? CloudCherry helps you not only measure your NPS but also benchmark it against industry standards and your competitors.

This gives you a clear picture on whether or not you are headed in the right direction in terms of enhancing your CX. Also, get recommended goals (for instance, working on ‘store cleanliness’, you can increase your NPS from 56% to 68% and convert 10% of your detractors into promoters) that enables you to reach and surpass industry standards.


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