Measuring Your NPS is absolutely essential

Ensuring that organizations not just track their NPS, but derive insights on improving NPS on a real-time basis

NPS In Real-Time

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NPS In Real-Time

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Track Customer
Loyalty Effortlessly

Organizations can track their NPS in real-time on CloudCherry’s dashboard. Ask customers how likely they are to recommend your brand to their friends and family on a scale of 1-10. Your NPS will be the difference of % of promoters and % of detractors.

Monitoring the score becomes easier with our NPS widget. You can quickly get a sense of the percentage of detractors, promoters and passives amongst your customer base and decide on business strategies accordingly.

Set Real-Time Alerts For NPS

Turn detractors and passives into lifetime promoters. Get real-time notifications on your NPS rating based on customer responses. Set customizable triggers for your NPS question so that you are alerted for both positive and negative feedback.

For instance, when a customer rates you below a certain score on the NPS scale, an alert is immediately sent to the appropriate employee/department in your organization to follow up and take necessary action. This way you can identify passives and detractors easily and work towards turning them into promoters.

Track NPS For Different
Departments & Along The Journey

Organizations can ensure that different teams ranging from contact center personnel, marketing, sales and more, are tracking NPS. For instance, a store manager can monitor the store NPS while a CMO can view the organization-wide NPS in real-time.

Also, measure the Net Promoter Score at every stage along the customer journey right from onboarding to purchase and further engagement. This helps build a complete picture of how, when and where customer loyalty drives engagement, or leads to churn, across the journey.


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