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Integrations are the key to your customer experience

An open API is a must to get a clear picture of your customer experience. APIs are used to securely share and transfer information between two systems. For example, you’ve probably connected to an app on your phone by logging in to your Facebook account. That is done through an API. Most businesses today are collecting and storing data in multiple places, so the need to break down the data silos is becoming more and more important.

CloudCherry was built around a holistic approach to customer experience that excels when combined with operational and transactional data. When using CloudCherry’s integrations you can start predicting the financial impacts of your CX initiatives, or proactively reach-out to customers that might be at risk of churning or not coming back.

Integrations go both ways

Outbound integrations are just as important as bringing data into your CEM – it’s how you get the insights out to the rest of the organization! For example, by integrating with your CRM to combine transactional and customer data with experiential data you’ll uncover trends and similarities among specific customer segments. But without outbound integrations, that valuable information stays locked within your CEM and it’s difficult to turn your insights into actions.

With CloudCherry, you’re able to set up bidirectional integrations to allow your tech stack to work together. Integrating your CEM with your ticketing system means that your front-line team is empowered with enough information to be proactive. If a customer shows signs of churning or dissatisfaction, CloudCherry can open a ticket in your help desk for your team to follow up and close the loop.

Your Data, Your Key

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption is controlled exclusively by you. CloudCherry is committed to protecting customer data, and with our industry-leading BYOK encryption capabilities every CIO can rest easy knowing that they have full control.

BYOK allows for security teams to be proactive in securing sensitive data through revoking or updating the encryption key. Because everything is hosted and maintained on the client’s side, we never handle the key – your security is fully in your own hands. Security teams can ensure they are following their own best practices by using their own key management systems, even rotating through keys several times a day. Revoking the key at any time will nullify all data in CloudCherry.

Get a 360 degree view of your customer


  • Open API
  • Outbound Integrations
  • BYOK
  • 17+ Channels
  • Open data
  • PII redaction and anonymization


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