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Early Preview

Early Preview includes new features and enhancements that are actively being worked on and lined up to go live across all customers in the next 3-4 weeks. Our Early Preview runs on a separate URL from live production, and can be visited at https://cx.getcloudcherry.com/preview. All pushes to Preview happen post QA.

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Last Updated on Sep 22, 2020

Fresh from our kitchen

Check out what’s new from our kitchen, and help shape our product and foster ongoing innovation with your feedback and ideas!

Independent variable selection for analytics widgets
  • Narrow down the analysis of Path & Predictive, Impact Analysis, Goal recommendation by defining the independent variables in play
  • Create Analytics Group- a group of rating questions which would be the independent variables to run an analysis
  • Use statistical module to explore the nature of variables by using various tools like correlation & SEM and create the Analytics Group
Post call survey via SMS and email for Cisco Webex Contact Center
  • Collect customer feedback using a channel of choice after their interaction with an agent.
  • SMS and Email allow rich feedback collection using multiple rating and open text questions. This will enable deeper text analytics and predictive insights within Experience Management for the collected feedback.
  • These insights will be available for agents as CEA gadgets in Webex Contact Center.
Bringing additional controls on 'Bulk tokens' to eliminate manual effort
  • Set extended token attributes while creating bulk tokens such as language, social sharing, skip welcome, and partial submission.
  • Download questionnaire level sample CSV.
  • In-line validation of uploaded files to allow users to fix errors before proceeding to create tokens.

What’s Coming Up?

We are always working on bring you new features, enhancements and fixing things.

Here’s a few things coming soon, grouped into Near Term (< 3 months) and Mid Term (3-9 months).

Near Term (< 3 months)

All of the features are committed roadmap items that are in various stages of our dual-track discovery and agile product development cycle.

Experience Management gadgets for Cisco Webex Contact Center
Near Term
  • Integrate Customer Experience Journey (CEJ) gadget across all channels including Voice, Email, and Chat conversations by an agent.
  • Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) gadget will allow agents to view relevant metrics using customer feedback about them.
  • Quick and easy way to export these gadgets from Experience Management into Webex Contact Center.
Post call survey IVR for Cisco Webex Contact Center
Near Term
  • Collect customer feedback using a channel of choice after their interaction with an agent.
  • IVR feedback collection will happen in continuation of the call with the agent allowing customers to provide feedback in the context of the recent conversation.
  • These insights will be available for agents as CEA gadgets in Webex Contact Center.
Support for paginated surveys with easy scroll of questions
Near Term
  • Now, don’t be limited by 1 question per page surveys. Experience the flexibility to define multiple pages with multiple questions per page
  • Group related questions together to increase completion rates eg.. Name, email and phone number, etc.. Similarly, have multiple related rating questions in a single page
  • Reduce the time in filling the survey with easy scroll between the questions rather than relying on auto or click based progression
New and full-featured WXM Micro Survey powered by our battle tested Websurvey
Near Term
  • We are rebuilding our micro-survey, powered by our battle tested and popular web survey channel.  Our web survey is already designed to be responsive, and handles large desktop and mobile layouts with ease, offering an experience tuned for the form factor. This will now power the experience as an intercept on websites. This will also close all the parity gaps and leverage the capabilities of web survey such as piping logic, visual design, conditional logic and text, etc. More details coming soon on this.
Out of the box reporting capabilities in the new Invitations
Near Term
  • Scheduled reports that help analyze aggregated metrics like response rates and completion rates.
  • Analyze these metrics sliced by channels, dispatches, and months.
  • Access detailed logs and enjoy full flexibility to do any analysis via pivot tables in Excel.
Flat table & Crosstab enhancements
Near Term
  • Ability to publish Flat tables & Crosstab with the filter of top ‘n’ rows on any sorted column.
  • Now, sorting will be available in Crosstab by any column with rows split by a single attribute
  • Overall score on Flat table and reports
  • UX improvements with frozen column and handling longer question names
Change AND/OR logic for combined operations in Notifications and QB
Near Term
  • Ease of creation of conditions with a better understanding of AND / OR logic in between these conditions.
  • Ability to quickly test the created condition on past responses.
  • Ability to add conditions in between existing conditions to allow quick iterations.
  • Ability to go into edit and save as a new notification.
User management and access rights for R/W users
Near Term
  • Read/Write users of a department can now create syndicated Spaces and assign them to their team directly from the space
  • Now, user management can be done at department level where department R/W users can be restricted to manage users for their department
  • New questionnaires and questions created by R/W users of a department/role will now be automatically available for other users of same role/department
Usability enhancements to Enterprise Roles & Department for visibility into granular access control for users
Near Term
  • Complete visibility into granular access rights of a user based on department and role assigned to the user. This enables admin to set access rights with confidence
Enhancements to Scheduled reports
Near Term
  • Month to date reports will be supported
  • Flexibility to set custom date ranges on weekly, monthly & quarterly reports
Ease of applying filter on open text questions
Near Term
  • Quick and easy way to find the existing records using ‘search as I type’ behavior allowing users to narrow down to stored data by typing keywords, few characters
  • Ability to quickly select an option from the suggested list of matching strings ‘containing’ the typed string

Mid Term (3-9 months)

Roadmap items where there is commitment to the problem statement, but active R&D exploration is still in progress. This is a soft commitment to product feature launches, subject to new market learnings.

Customer Journey for Contact Center
Mid Term
  • Consolidated customer journey looking beyond customer feedback, capturing their interactions with the contact center across different channels like voice and chat, and additional touchpoints such as activity on the company’s website.
  • Quick and easy access for agents to customer’s recent activity across these channels allowing them to understand the possible context for contacting before engaging with the customer.
  • Details of every interaction logically grouped, allowing agents to access this data with ease and at a glance.
  • Customer profile that will evolve to include and merge customer activity data from different customer identifiers and provide an in-depth view of the customer’s relationship with the brand or company.
Voicea integration for real-time and recorded call sentiment and theme analysis
Mid Term
  • Voicea’s transcripts combined with the powerful text and sentiment analysis engine of Experience Management will allow agents to understand the pulse of the customer at a glance.
Improvements in flexibility to customize product e-mails
Mid Term
  • All Alert/Notification emails to have a tabular view of response data for better readability.
  • More alerts from Loop Closure.
  • All emails as part of user on-boarding to be revised keeping user context in mind.
  • All error alerts to have more details to enable RCA.
Experience Management Stories for contact center
Mid Term
  • AI-powered Experience Management Stories automatically tracks and alerts significant changes in contact center metrics.
  • View Stories as a series of insights that tell what has changed, what may have contributed, and what should the next actions be.
  • Stories can be annotated to add layers of business context.
Improved multi-lingual support for channels to offer deeper personalization
Mid Term
  • Offer a better experience for your end customers and staff.
Performance improvements to customer journey map
Mid Term
  • Improved load performance and improvements to the interactive visualization of the customer journey map
Integration with Cisco Common Identity
Mid Term
  • Externalize Authentication, Authorization and identity management from Webex Experience Management application and services
  • Users of an org who have been onboarded via CI can use CI to login Experience Management directly
Dashboard performance improvements for very large number of responses
Mid Term
  • Faster dashboard loads for large time periods and standard date ranges
  • For dashboards configured in fast processing mode, automatically transition to high precision once data loads in background


Roadmap items that are possibly exploratory, subject to market needs, customer inputs, engineering exploration or radical innovation that need time to assess.

Benchmark your contact center against others in Cisco's base to set goals and drive improvements
Internationalization support for contact center gadgets
FedRAMP compliance
  • Deploy to Azure’s dedicated government region which is fully FedRAMP certified
  • Enable all federal workloads to run on a single tentant and compliant
Power tools for widget creation and metric library management
  • Quick filters based on chart type to easily get to specific metric in a large list of created metrics
  • Updated metric preview to align the way the metric looks like in the dashboard
  • Easier creation of trend widgets allowing users to define the time period of trend to be shown
  • Auto-height logic based on data density to be built into metric creation with manual override option for both basic and composite metrics
Better actionability and RCA with contextual verbatim for widgets
  • Widgets to show contextual verbatim for better actionability
  • Algorithmic matching of verbatim to detect key attribute
TV mode - High density view with multiple columns of widgets
  • Support for auto refresh for kiosks and TVs
Curated Stories for data storytelling across organization
  • Curated Stories: Users select series of widgets to create compelling data storytelling and collaborate across organization
Export Questionnaire as Word/Sharable link
  • Download questionnaires created in Webex Experience Management as word file that can be shared for review
QB Sandbox with Version Control, Publish for More Controls on Live Surveys & Change Management
Delight Meter with complex composite indices
Listen to customers using your mobile app with our updated In-App SDK channel
Managing and publishing feedback comments to your website
Omni-channel explorer to discover our 17+ channels
WCAG certification for primary channels
Journey orchestration to tailor journey based on previous experience
Amazon Alexa as a listening channel with ready skill SDK

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