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Product Guides

Guides below provide an overview and detailed instructions to setting up various modules in Cisco Webex Experience Management.

Invitations User Guides

Global delivery invitation management module enables a personalized experience for the customer receiving survey invitations across various channels. These survey invitations can be configured and reused across chosen transmission channels like SMS/Email/Mobile/Web while requiring no PII information to be stored in the Webex Experience Management platform.

The guides listed below give comprehensive guidelines to set up invitations module in Experience Management.

Delivery Policy User Guide

Message Template User Guide

Token Template User Guide

Dispatch User Guide

Account Configuration Management User Guide

Our approach to handling PII data, and ability to configure this differently in Experience Management is detailed in the guide below.

PII Handling in Experience Management

Invitations Troubleshooting Guide

Some of the common challenges that users face, and troubleshooting instructions to resolve them are provided below.

Troubleshooting Guide


Spaces in Experience Management allow users to create and setup custom dashboards with different modules that can be enabled within a space. Each space can be configured with it’s own set of filters and modules. Here is a step-by-step guide on creating a space and video guides for creating and managing spaces in Experience Management

Enterprise Settings & User Management

Enterprise settings in Experience Management allows admins to add and manage sub-users in the product and define the data restrictions and product access using a matrix combination of roles and departments. Apart from this admins can define actions and statuses for the loop closure module as per the organization’s loop closure methodology.

Profile & Account Settings

Experience Management settings that allows admins and users to set up their preferences and align to organization wide enterprise policies.