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Customer Journey Mapping

A Definitive Approach To Drive
Customer Experience Through

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey

Customer Experience is no longer about magic moments or discovering silver bullets. Using a journey-based approach allows you to discover a customer’s experience in their own eyes across the sum of interactions with your brand. CloudCherry provides the opportunity to follow the customer across 17 different channels, driving contextual real-time conversations with customers on the channels they choose.

Only through a journey-based approach can teams assess what can be improved and optimized across each touch point to drive loyalty, engagement and evangelism. To predict a customer’s likely actions, we need to turn back the pages and engage them across their entire omnichannel journey first.



Micro Journeys

Most companies create a single customer journey map across all points of interaction, but different cohorts of customers might have radically different customer journeys. For example, consider a retailer like PUMA that sells products online and in physical stores. They may have two micro journeys in addition to an overall customer journey map for:

• Online customers
• In-store customers
• Blended customers

To truly understand the influence of each touchpoint on an individual customer, companies need to understand the context of the interaction. Managing experiences through the lens of multiple micro journeys allows for companies to see the big picture – and to make data driven decisions.

Measuring the Customer Journey with CloudCherry


  • In-Product Customer Journey Map
  • Micro Journeys
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer experience performance by journey stage
  • Recommended Goals
  • 17+ Channels
  • Complete Journey Customization
  • Customer Journey Mapping Consultation



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