The Proven Methodology To Customer Experience

Enabling organizations to create customer journey maps through the right touch points for better CX

Financial Returns From CX

Our Step-By-Step Approach To Drive

Financial Returns From CX

Build An Experience Blueprint
We enable organisations to create a customer experience blueprint to identify key stages of the journey and various touchpoints of interaction.

Our team of customer experience experts chart out the stages a customer goes through while engaging with your organisation and then map all key touchpoints of interactions (email, SMS, mobile app, etc.) with each of these stages (Onboarding, navigation, billing, etc.).

Measure Customer And Business Metrics
At every stage of the customer journey, CloudCherry enables you to collect feedback from customers on their experience. Metrics that can be measured include NPS, CSAT, CES, more. In addition, identify and track every single variable that impacts CX from store ambience and cleanliness to product quality and website experience.

We also help you gather transactional and operational metrics associated with every interaction. This is possible through flexible single-click integrations with CRM and loyalty systems that enable operational data to easily flow in and out of CloudCherry.

Identify Data Sets Relevant To Stakeholders
To create organizational alignment around customer experience, CloudCherry helps identify customer data and metrics relevant to every stakeholder. Customize different metrics for different stakeholders, based on their roles and responsibilities, by using our Views feature.

This enables you to create unlimited number of views for any number of users. For instance, a marketing head will be looking to track NPS for the website whereas a Product Head will be more interested in customer ratings on various attributes (quality, range of features, user-friendliness, and more) of a recently launched product.

Close The Feedback Loop
CloudCherry’s dynamic Customer Experience Framework solution allows for single-click integrations with various third-party platforms. This enables organizations to close the loop directly with the customer through one-on-one engagement.

Readily integrate with contact centers and CRM systems to act on customer feedback. Omni-channel feedback can be raised as tickets and assigned to contact center agents. who have the entire view of the customer journey, to initiate effective follow ups and close the feedback loop.

Analyze Statistical Customer Data
We use statistical analysis to dive deep into customer data and give you a visually appealing representation of insights. Execute cross-tabulation analysis to produce contingency tables that examine the relationship between multiple variables that impact customer experience.

With contingency tables on CloudCherry’s dashboard, flexible visualizations of data with bar charts, stacked bar charts, heat-maps, area and scatter charts, etc. is possible. These tables also offer quick sort options for each variable (sort by NPS of stores or by staff efficiency over the past two months, for instance), enabling convenient ways of ordering data for accurate analysis.

Derive Correlations With Path Analysis
CloudCherry helps you stay one step ahead of your customers. Path Analysis helps you identify factors that drive customer experience, examine any correlations between them and then establish causation.

Drive effective path analysis by using historical customer data to identify underlying influencers of customer experience. You can also leverage our churn predictor tool to anticipate poor customer experiences and predict how customers will react when the relationship with the brand is tested, so you can take


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