Tracking Your Customer Effort Score

Understand how your business has helped the customer solve a problem through Customer Effort Score

Customer Effort Score

The Most Powerful CX Platform To Monitor Your

Customer Effort Score

How Global Organizations Track

CES With CloudCherry

Visual Representation And Segmentation Of CES

Your customer effort score can be visualized as pie charts or doughnut charts for easy interpretation of data and analysis.

Also, custom dashboards can be created for different departments (marketing, sales, contact centers and more) and roles to benchmark different customer effort scores (CES for onboarding, at contact centers and more) with overall organization-wide customer effort score.

Drill Down Into Your CES

Are customers finding it hard to engage with your contact center agent and is this leading to a high CES? Drill down into your CES to derive insights on customer sentiment, behaviour and their interactions. Find out where the bottlenecks arise and what can be done to fix them. Leverage predictive analytics to create continuous improvement strategies that make it easier for the customer to engage with you.

CloudCherry provides personalized scorecards for every aspect (CES at onboarding, during a complaint, and more) that is assessed in CES surveys. Based on this, create customer satisfaction goals and KRAs across the organization to drive customer centricity.

Make yourCES actionable

CloudCherry helps you make the CES metric actionable. Create an alert for whenever a customer gives a negative or positive feedback for a CES question. Accordingly, route the notification to a specific department or role, or even create a ticket to track and resolve the issue with the customer (in case of negative feedback).

At the same time, analyze CSAT trends over various timelines (weekly or monthly basis for instance) to create larger and more organization-wide strategies. Identify and rectify process loopholes and other shortcomings to ensure that customer interactions are a lot more effortless and delightful.


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