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Track The Customer Delight Score On Our Widget

CloudCherry provides a ‘Customer Delight Meter’ widget to enable organizations to track their customer delight score. The widget has a scale ranging from 0 to 100 and changes score based on customer feedback in real-time.

Strategic and operational leaders can view this widget on the CloudCherry dashboard as well as on the CloudCherry mobile app to get a quick sense of customer sentiment towards the entire organization or a particular department or function.

Drill Down Into YourCustomer Delight Score

Is your customer delight score too low? Drill down into your organization’s customer delight score to analyze the root cause behind the rating. Map this metric with customer sentiment and behaviour, and identify the shortcomings in your business model.

With CloudCherry, you can track the customer delight score on the go at all times. Set goals for this metric across your organization and monitor how different departments are delivering customer delight.


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