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CloudCherry vs. Satmetrix

Satmetrix’s self-service reporting capabilities are limited and challenging to use. A customer-centric approach to reporting is not offered, and building reports involves professional services and fees.

CloudCherry prioritizes speed to insights. From recommended goals to customer journey mapping and beyond, a CX professional needs a holistic view and a variety of metrics to inform their CX program.

Robust reporting to inform your CX program and priorities

Move beyond surveys.
Choose the CEM platform that aligns with your customer-centric approach.

Yesterday’s CEM platforms were built with the challenges of yesterday in mind. Today’s CX pros are moving beyond surveys and embracing a customer-centric approach to customer experience.

You need a solution that turns disparate data into actionable insights, delivers real-time dashboards with point-and-click ease, and provides rapid insights across all of the key CX metrics.

At CloudCherry, we built a better, faster CEM platform that prioritizes ease of use, robust reporting, and actionable insights, all centered around a customer-first approach.

CloudCherry’s ease of use and focus on the customer is disrupting the CX industry’s legacy platforms.

Head-to-Head Comparison

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A journey-based approach to CEM

Satmetrix doesn’t offer customer journey mapping. They offer a heavy survey-based, NPS-focused approach to CEM.

CloudCherry has the most comprehensive customer journey mapping solution on the market.  It’s also super easy to use.

  • In-Product Customer Journey Map
  • Micro Journeys
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer experience performance by journey stage
  • Recommended Goals
  • 17+ Channels
  • Complete Journey Customization
  • Customer Journey Mapping Consultation
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In Satmetrix, aggregating survey results is a tedious experience that requires manual work, data exporting, and even professional services.

CloudCherry aggregates all of your survey data in real-time dashboards, with point-and-click ease. AI and machine learning help inform your future decisions.

Turn data into actionable insights, fast

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"Path analysis and predictive analytics with CloudCherry was able to show internal and external data on exactly where to invest time and energy. Pretty cool stuff!"


"CloudCherry allowed us to collect feedback in real time. I saw the commitment of CloudCherry as a partner as they were willing to customize the solution based on PUMA’s needs and improve the platform based on our feedback, which was very important for us in a dynamic retail environment."


"CloudCherry helped our Customer Loyalty Program scale, expand and thrive. Their support, consultation and comprehensive approach to Voice of Customer saved us time and money! CloudCherry has been an excellent partner and consultant, and with their expertise and capabilities, I’m confident we will exceed our goals!"


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A CX platform needs to make your job easier. Here’s a comparison of what you can do yourself, without professional services being involved:

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CloudCherry vs. The Rest

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