Cloudcherry allows
you to engage with customers through their entire journey

Customers want real-time conversations
and feedback - not cumbersome feedback forms

Channels Summary

Omni-Channel Feedback Made Simple


This channel allows your customers to give feedback directly via text messages without redirections to any survey page. SMS, being one of the most common channels of communication, this helps you improve survey response rates.

Go live Effort Minimal


Create a feedback tab on your website to collect feedback from customers directly. Collect feedback on initiatives such as an upcoming conference, product launch or even general experience.

Go live Effort Little


Schedule or trigger survey links via Email to your customers at various time intervals to collect relevant feedback. Context is king, ask for feedback after customer interactions or even transactions.

Go live Effort None

QR Code

All it takes is for your customers to scan the QR code to leave you real-time feedback. This is a seamless channel to monitor offline customer experiences like in-store, packaged goods, invoice/bills, and event experience.

Go live Effort None

Paper Survey

Create and print out your customer survey from CloudCherry and start collecting feedback at all your physical outlets. This is useful in physical locations where internet connectivity is poor.

Go live Effort None


Make a seamless post call feedback channel by transferring the call from your contact center to our IVR system after a call is finished.

Go live Effort None


CloudCherry helps organizations monitor offline experiences effectively by allowing your customers to leave feedback via tablets and smartphones.

Go live Effort None


Scan and analyze customer feedback emails in real-time to discover customer sentiment, generate insight reports and more. Based on the sentiment, trigger actions such as follow-up tickets to close the loop and boost loyalty.

Go live Effort None


We help you turn your Email Signature into a feedback channel. This is a great channel for your Customer support team or any customer facing teams to use.

Go live Effort None


Make use of website popup surveys at various places on your website to monitor user experience and behavior. Trigger these surveys in real-time and ask personalized questions to your customers to find out what’s driving purchases or churn.

Go live Effort Minimal

API Survey

Automate the process of sending out surveys to your customers, post transaction or interaction. Use this channel to track experiences in real-time and identify pain points along the journey through quickly contextual insights.

Go live Effort Moderate

API Data

Our flexible API’s open up unlimited possibilities to listen to your customers. Integrate with your existing systems and processes to bring all your customer data (experiential, transactional, and operational) together into one centralized platform for analysis, reporting and alerts.

Go live Effort Moderate

Data Import

Leave no data behind with our bulk import. Whether you’re switching from an old CEM or have historical CX data, you can import it directly into Cloudcherry. It’ll seem as if you haven’t skipped a beat.

Go live Effort Minimal


Make social network data more actionable. Proactively Understand customer sentiment on social platforms in real-time by analyzing the open text and comments and resolve issues before they have a negative impact on your business.

Go live Effort None

Complete API

Integrate Cloudcherry with all your business systems to create a customer centric organization. This could include integration with your CRM, Marketing Automation, Ticketing software, and even your own customized solutions.

Go live Effort High


Our in-app survey helps monitor customer experience within the app in real-time. These surveys are customizable and can be triggered on any screen within your mobile app.

Go live Effort Minimal


CloudCherry’s interactive chatbot helps brands drive customer engagement and collect customer feedback along the way. Automate the process of answering to basic customer queries, and in case of any escalations, intervene with live agents to resolve issues.

Go live Effort Moderate