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The Top 5 Women Customer Experience Influencers you should know

Divya BhatDivya Bhat | March 9, 2017

This women’s day, CloudCherry salutes all the women that have, in their own way, established an authoritative presence in the field of Customer Experience – a wave that is taking the world at large – and helped shape its course over the past few years. Whether you believe in the celebration of the “International Women’s Day” or not, recognizing the contribution of these women towards Customer Experience is long overdue. So here goes…

Here are the top 5 women influencers in CX that we believe need a huge round of applause!

1. Jeanne Bliss (@JeanneBliss)



Women Customer Experience Influencers

At a time when the world was just about waking up to the mere idea of Customer Experience, Jeanne Bliss was already consulting the big names of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. She is the Founder and President of Customer Bliss as well as the Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Jeanne has the distinction of holding the first ever Chief Customer Officer role at Lands’ End, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, Allstate Corporations. She’s the author of three bestsellers – “I love you more than my dog” (which we had previously spoken about here), “Chief Customer Officer” and “Chief Customer Officer 2.0”.

2. Jeannie Walters (@jeanniecw)



Women Customer Experience Influencers

Jeannie Walters, the CEO and Chief Customer Investigator at 360connext, is one of the most popular and respected names in the world of Customer Experience. For almost 2 decades now, she has been working with some of the world’s leading companies in improving the Customer Experience, including Fortune 500. Walters has been awarded Business Woman of the year (2001).

3. Annette Franz (@annettefranz)



Women Customer Experience Influencers

The power behind the popular blog – CX-Journey, Annette is a certified Customer Experience professional who carries with her more than 20 years of experience! An active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Annette has been recognized as #1 in the Top 100 Big Data & Customer Experience Influencers by Onalytica and Top 10 of 2014’s 40 most active influencers in CX.

4. Blake Morgan (@BlakeMichelleM)



Women Customer Experience Influencers

A Customer Experience author, keynote speaker and adviser, Blake Morgan is the host of the also podcast “The Modern Customer” alongside hosting weekly videos relating to Customer Experience on YouTube. Not only is she a thought leader in Customer Experience but is also a Social media expert. She has also been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Thought Leaders to follow on Twitter” by IMCI.

5. Lynn Hunsaker (@clearaction)



Women Customer Experience Influencers

Lynn Hunsaker’s career in Customer Experience transformation began over 25 years ago at Sonoco and Applied Materials. Today, she is one of the most noted names in Customer Experience, as the author of 3 Amazon Kindle books and the first authorized online course for CXPA’s Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) exam. As CEO of ClearAction, she guides leading companies to engage everyone company-wide in making a difference for customers.

Although this list is restricted to 5 Women Customer Experience influencers, there are so many other noteworthy names in this space who are disrupting the status quo, pivoting large companies with the motto of customer centricity and bringing about ever-lasting cultural as well as process changes. We wish all of them the very best and we hope they keep adding to their achievements!

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