Why just collecting customer feedback wont suffice

Why collecting Customer Feedback alone won’t suffice

CloudCherry | Featured | March 11, 2016

Customer feedback tools are a major asset to any business. Once you know how your customers perceive your business and brand, you can take the necessary steps to increase your Net Promoter ScoreSM and ultimately become more successful. It is important, however, to not only rely on customer feedback software tools, but also to use the information they garner to gain more insight into the overall customer experience. By implementing customer experience management systems, you will be able to guide, empower, and enable your team to take action to improve that experience.

Gather Information

Customer feedback tools are used to gather customer information about the performance of your business. They can provide you with a lot of insight as to how customers perceive your business by providing you with valuable feedback across a variety of channels. You have a variety of options with customer feedback collection tools, with feedback surveys ranking in the top. These tools allow you to collect data to control how your business caters to your customer base.

The concept of Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is a concept that provides information as to how a company interacts with its customers. It is about both viewing the experience your customer has and taking steps to improve those interactions. The goal of these systems is to build customer loyalty while also reducing any detractors who have a negative view of your business or brand. This will yield better business results.

Implementing Customer Experience Management Systems

If you are ready to move beyond your traditional customer feedback tools to gather data, you may want to consider implementing a customer experience management system. This is a single, unified system that provides your business with the ability to fully understand the experience the customer has and allows you to improve it across the entire journey. It also creates consistency, which customers really want from your business.

With these systems, you can increase customer satisfaction scores because they equip you with the information you need to improve your processes. You can also save money because you and your staff only need to learn how to use one system rather than a variety of feedback tools. These systems will improve consistency and provide clarity with regard to customer issues with your product line.

With customer experience management systems, you can provide a full visibility in areas of your business that are the most positively and negatively impacting your customers’ experience. Finally, you can view leading indicators of the performance of your business across all channels of customer interactions.

Happy customers foster the growth of a business, which should always remain a top priority. They will, in turn, lead to more transactions, with customers spending more money with your brand, and generating positive word of mouth that will drive new customers to your business. By improving the customer experience, you are significantly investing in the future of your brand.

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