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Why a CCXP cert should be in your 2020 plans

AvatarBraeden Daly | January 2, 2020

So, you’re pretty comfortable with your CX know-how…

You’ve been in the space. You’re putting in the daily work. You’re listening to stellar CX Podcasts (shameless…not sorry). But, 2020 is right around the corner, and you’re itching to up your game. Might we suggest setting a CCXP Certification in your sights for the New Year?

On this week’s episode of ‘The Sweets of CX’, Braeden Daly– Senior Product Marketing Manager at CloudCherry (now Cisco), recent recipient of the CCXP Certification, and our honored guest offers some fantastic perspective on the subject.

First off, Braeden emphasizes the Culture Shift that’s happening. “Every Industry is changing. It’s not so much about the product…Companies aren’t really comparing on product level anymore; They’re comparing to Customer Experience.”

So, why get CCXP Certified? Aside from the Validation that a Certification like this brings, Braeden discusses how it’s helped him- not only to change his own mindset- but to create a CX Mindset in his current company. He talks top tips for preparing for the Exam (take notes on this, future CX rock stars!), the importance of personalizing the implementation of CX Programs to each company he works with (people are never one-size-fits-all; neither are companies), and the need to “Bring the Customer into the Board Room”- my favorite phrase of the day.

He also shares some of the challenges you’ll face during the Implementation of a CX Program, as well as the best solutions he’s come across, siting- to name just a few- a full Culture Shift (not just doing an exercise or a training and calling it good), keeping your Data Hygiene clean, and the importance of keeping in mind WHO you’re talking to…essentially speaking different languages to different Teams. Looks like we’ll be adding “Linguist” to our list of CX goals for the New Year.

So, when it comes to a Brand that has wowed him with their spectacular CX, who did Braeden Dally, CCXP choose? That honor goes to Due to their very personalized recommendations- as well as the free, super relevant products they throw in (who doesn’t like a freebie?)- they’ve won him over for life. Ultimately, it comes down to an expert listening to each person and offering advice that applies directly to them and their needs. As Braeden puts it, “Those are the experiences that you remember.”

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