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Webinar: Create a Compelling CX Business Case to Secure the Budget You Need

AvatarBraeden Daly | September 19, 2018

Only 14% of CX professionals agree that the return on CX investments is well established in their organizations (Forrester, 2017).  This becomes a real problem when asking for more resources, and dealing with budget approvals. Getting buy-in on CX initiatives from executives can be an impossible task when they can’t clearly connect the dots to see a return on their investment.  

Creating a compelling CX business case requires teams to link incremental CX improvements to desired business results. Being able to prove that changes in the customer experience improve the bottom line, drive customer loyalty and impact overall business growth can be a tough battle. The first task is to collect the data (often over several months) to prove causation between CX initiatives and the company’s KPIs. Being able to show how your team moved the needle and contributed to goals will help make a strong business case for future investments.  

But proving financial return isn’t the only challenge to securing funding. CX teams also need to appeal to the emotional side of executives. Understanding what drives CEOs can help create a more compelling case – even when all the data isn’t in yet. For example, underscoring the importance of CX in building company culture, beating the competitors or leaving a long-lasting legacy are all impactful strategies for influencing executives.   

Watch: 14 Hacks to Creating a CX Business Case  

Customer Experience teams need to start building their business case now to be successful with future funding requests. At CloudCherry, we want to give you the tools you need to secure the budget and resources needed to build a best-in-class CX program at your company and get executive buy-in. 

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In this webinar with Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Principal Analyst at Forrester, you’ll learn the tactics that help overcome the challenges of making the link between CX improvements and the business results that matter most to your executives. As she covers the 14 hacks for creating a compelling CX business case, you’ll understand the data you need to be collecting in order to link CX improvements to customer behaviors and successful financial outcomes. 

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Host: Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Principal Analyst at Forrester 

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian: Maxie Schmidt is a principal analyst serving customer experience (CX) professionals. She leads Forrester’s research on CX measurement programs. In that role, Maxie creates thought leadership and advises clients on how to build an effective CX measurement program, but also on how companies can (and should) innovate CX measurement practices beyond surveys. Read her full bio here.