[Infographic] What stops you from running the perfect VOC program?

CloudCherry | Featured | February 27, 2018

Companies have forever been collecting feedback from customers. It’s never the intent that is under question. It’s the outcome – which is where most companies haven’t covered themselves in glory. Despite listening to customers endlessly, they still don’t know how to act on all that feedback.

In addition, they’ve set up processes and policies in the name of a Voice of Customer program in order to capture customer expectations and create products/services accordingly. These VOC programs, however, are mostly namesake owing to the lack of clear strategy and direction from the top management.

If you’re one of the suspects with an under-performing VOC program, then this infographic is for you. We cover the 5 most important roadblocks that organizations need to avoid in order to create Voice of Customer strategies that eventually drive loyalty, retention and profitability.

Voice of Customer program