customer delight through transformation

Transformation is key to Customer Delight

CloudCherry | Featured | June 24, 2015

Customer Delight Through Transformation

In the last seven parts of our 8-part series ‘Turning Customers Into Evangelists’, we’ve touched on several important aspects – such as empathy, personalization, employee empowerment and so on – that are crucial to customer delight. This is the concluding part of the series and we will deal with looking at creating transformational experiences for your customers, as against transactional.

But firstly, what is a Transformational Customer Experience?

When customer delight is a core priority, the relationship you share with your customers is more than a few levels deep. In other words, such a relationship transcends beyond a conventional transaction involving money – it is more transformational and so is the accompanying experience.

In such a transformational experience, the journey of a customer with a brand is beyond the realm of mere buying and selling of products or services. It is the customer experience across multiple touch-points that counts and that is spoken about widely across online forums and social media.

Customers First. Rest All Next!

In a customer’s journey, the transactional bit is only a part of the larger picture. Although a transaction is what the tactical goal of business is, the strategic goal is larger – Customer Delight resulting in Customer Evangelism.

It is largely shaped by the experience your brand creates for your customers. Right from the minute the customer sets foot at the store to the minute he steps out, he/she interacts with your brand(through its representatives like your staff etc.). The transactional bit where the sale actually happens lasts barely a few minutes. No matter how big or small your business is, this is how businesses run by and large.

Shaping the experience of your customer by focusing on delight, you reinforce the bond you share with your customer. The longevity of the bond & the chances for the customer to become a potential ambassador/evangelist largely depends on this overall experience. It is a mix of all the factors we have spoken of in our series.

The Mojo In Human Touch

One of the key steps towards achieving customer evangelism is to make them repeat customers. In technical terms, increase the lifetime value of a customer and that isn’t something that happens purely through a transactional experience. How does that happen? Human touch in each touch-point is the one and the only way to create experiences that connects customers with the brand.

Engaging with them and getting to know what their interests are, their preferences, the things that they celebrate and most importantly what they expect from you as a brand are not just means to know them better but also highly beneficial for your business. For, offering what they’re looking for before they ask for is a sure shot way to achieve customer delight.

So, connect with your clients and try to understand them beyond the realm of transactions. That is an assured way to transform even the most casual and detached set of customers to brand evangelists. Customer evangelists are the most valuable, organic and effective brand ambassadors and to create them is the most prudent marketing investment for any brand. Transformation is key to customer delight & you need to Start delighting now. #iamdelighted