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Top 12 CX Champ Winners

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | November 12, 2019

Too much of a good thing?

When it comes to our Finalists for CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Championship, there’s no such thing! With over 100 stellar submissions to choose from- falling into either the Practitioner or the Influencer Categories- our Top 10 list quickly became our Top 12 list. And we ain’t mad about it!

SO, without further ado, our Top TWELVE CX Champ 2019-2020 Winners are:

In the Category of PRACTITIONERS-

Janet PreterotiAVP, Member Experience at Clearview Federal Union, and our 1st place CX Champ (in the category of Practitioner). Janet is all about personal connections, and- according to her nominator, Sandy Michaels, has a “passion for service excellence” that “displays in her every interaction.” Brava, Janet!

Sarah Meyerdirk VP and Director of CX at Promomash, and our 2nd place CX Champion (in the category of Practitioner). Sarah made an incredible video with testimonials from Customers, Employees, and Executive Leadership. Her nominator, Yual Selik tells us, “She doesn’t give up…never. It’s not in her vocabulary.” It’s no surprise then, that her superhero avatar at Promomash is Wonder Woman.

Murphy Fraser Client Success Manager at Skillshare. Her nominator, Jenny Dempsey tells us, “Murphy is intelligent, creative, and solution focused…She is a rising star in my eyes and will continue to build out the path for more women in CX.” You go, girl.

Bob RoarkThought Leader and Solution Strategist at Cherwell Software/NuAxis. According to his Anonymous nominator, Bob “evangelizes, showcases, and educates employees, clients & potential clients about innovations, technologies, and offerings through individual and group presentations,” and our own judges have dubbed him “a protégé” in his program.

Donna Staton– Chief Experience Officer at United States Senate Federal Credit Union. Her nominator, Kimberley Fridley calls her “the 2019 Mother Teresa”, and our judges add that, “Donna’s unique experience working at a government level entity and her willingness to give back to the community in a variety of ways, exemplifies the inner aptitude of individuals that live CX outside of work and just strive to be good human beings.” High praise indeed, and very well deserved!

Melissa Lopez Assistant Team Lead of Customer Support at Tour Radar, who- according to our judges is, “The queen of seeing a bad situation coming, and putting some safe-guards in place to prevent it from happening”. So…she can pretty much read the future.  

Lisa Vander WeideEnterprise Client Success Lead at, whose “empathetic nature” comes through there on the front line, where she’s working directly with customers AND impacting the employee experience. Now, that’s what we’re talking about!

In the Category of INFLUENCERS-

Jenny DempseyCX Manager at NumberBarn, and our 1st Place CX Influencer. Her nominator, Nate Brown describes Jenny as “wicked smart” and tells us there’s no one he’d rather see wearing the CX Champion belt…High praise from our first-ever CX Champ to our next. According to our judges, Jenny, “Organizes the CX Accelerator Community, is selfless in her contributions, and always is willing to help those that need it.”  We’ll toast to that!

Becky Roemen Senior CX Consultant at TTEC, and our 2nd Place CX Influencer. Becky’s hilarious- and super creative- submission video was just the tip of the iceberg. As she puts it herself, “The real reward for me comes from having other people love what they do, make differences in their organizations, and change the trajectory of business decision-making because of Customer Experience…Making bigger impact, spreading my ideas, sharing thought leadership, and helping people grow their careers are really what is the cherry on top of my career.”

Stacey ShermanDirector of Customer Experience & Employee Engagement at Schindler Elevator Coorporation. According to her anonymous nominator, Stacey “eats and breathes CX.” She is an avid blogger (, hosts a CX podcast, and now contributes her expertise to Forbes. This isn’t her first recognition of the year, as she was also a Finalist in both the CX Impact Awards and the CX Leader of the Year Awards.

James Dodkins- CX Rockstar (literally) and Founder of Rockstar CX. James was nominated by not one, not two, but THREE people! With accolades like “true visionary”, “thought-provoking”, and “pure genius” being bandied his way (by his 3 nominators), it’s no surprise this Rockstar joins our Championship Ranks.

Jeremy WatkinManager of Product Marketing at 8X8. Jeremy has 19 years in the space, a blog, a customerthink profile, and- as his anonymous nominator tells us, “a breadth of experience [that] spans in execution of CX programs and initiatives, as well as consulting, speaking, and advising.” Bravo!  

And that, friends, is our CX 2019-2020 dazzling dozen. A huge thank you to all who participated, to our esteemed judges, and to our spectacular CX Champs!