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Things You Never Think About When Implementing a CX Program

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | October 28, 2019

Considering Implementing a CX Program?

Good decision! While you’re at it, it might be a good idea to consider the things that are often overlooked when it comes to this noble endeavor. And, on this week’s ‘Sweets of CX,’ we’ve got the one and only Nate Brown– Head of CX for UL EHS, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, CloudCherry’s first ever CX Champion, and our honored guest- to lend his expertise.

So, what are Priorities #1 and #2 when implementing your CX Program? According to Nate, it comes down to two simple words: WHY and HOW. Referencing Simon Sinek’s, ‘Start with Why,’ Nate stresses the importance of knowing WHY you’re going through the, “pain of bringing in a new system and going through an implementation cycle. There has to be a very compelling reason to do it.” Any suggestions, oh wise expert? Why yes, actually. According to Nate, there’s no better WHY than ultimately getting better for our customers…knowing that, “we need this, because our customers are suffering- because of OUR inability to be intelligent for them…Let’s get better.” Here, here!

What challenges can you expect? Well, there’s the time it takes. As Nate says, it’s at least a three-year process- “a sprint, not a marathon.” So, “keeping that compelling WHY in focus” is going to be key. And- while our expert admits he’s unsure whether or not a ‘finish line’ actually exists in this work (after all, CX is ALL about constantly improving for our customers)- keeping front-and-center that desire to make their lives better will help to weed out the noise.

From Milestones you should be looking for (which make more manageable this oh-so-awesome task), to the tangible things you’ll need in order to get the right people involved and all on the same page, Nate lays out a buffet of down-to-earth advice in his conversation with CloudCherry’s James Gilbert. And, we suggest you come hungry.

SO, what brand has wowed Mister Brown? For him, it comes down to a company that offers him relatively simple- but “beautiful”- transactions, in the form of a good sandwich. Jersey Mike’s #9 (with banana peppers and a variety of unique condiments) is our expert’s culinary piece de resistance, but it’s about SO much more than a sandwich. It’s about an experience that’s warm, welcoming, and consistent…and about the bold and simple way this company corrected a less-than-stellar experience- winning themselves a fan in Nate for life.

NOTE: To those of you who are implementing a CX Program- or even just considering it- tune in! But, if you hear nothing else, hear James Gilbert’s personal plea: “Keep up the good fight! Keep going! Everyone has your back.” You got this.

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Nate Brown Bio:

Nate Brown is the Head of Customer Experience for UL EHS and Co-Founder of CX Accelerator.

In his own words:

“I love all things customer. My sweet spot is helping employees to understand the customer journey and how they play in role in improving it. I’m well versed in a variety of CX disciplines, including journey mapping, survey process and analysis, voice of the customer programs, employee engagement and many more.”

 Learn more on his site, CX Accelerator.