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The La-cross-e Between Coaching and CX

AvatarGuest Author | July 5, 2019

I have been coaching high school lacrosse for 4 years now. I love the game of lacrosse and all that it can teach young athletes. I played the sport for 12 years and found that I love to coach just as much as I love to play. I value the relationships I build with my fellow coaches and my players. As a coach, I know that I can have a big influence on these young men as I interact with on a daily basis throughout the season. I feel the best coaches out there are the ones that know both what is important to their and how they can help them accomplish their goals. The same concept can be applied to a company’s customers. 

Every company strives to help each customer achieve their goal or to fulfill some type of need/want. In order for a company to do that, they must get to know their customers. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time. When I am building a relationship with a new player, it can take weeks, or even months to get the type of trust I need as a coach. It is impossible for a company to build this type of relationship with a customer if there is no communication. You have to gather your customer’s feedback, but you can’t make them feel like just another number. 

As coaches, we rely a lot on each other to help understand the needs of our players. In sports, you never reach perfection. There is always something that can be improved and worked on. The same goes for experiences your customers have with your brand. There is always something that can be improved about your customer’s experience, but it will take a lot of teamwork to uncover it. One thing that will help your organization is getting everyone on the same page by being customer obsessed. As coaches, we talk daily. We have weekly meetings on what the state of our team is and on what we need to do to improve. If you want to provide a great experience for your customer, it will be a team effort, and you’ll have to have a way to measure yourself. 

Our lacrosse team has great stat keepers that give us all of the vital numbers after every game. These stats provide us lots of valuable information that show us what we need to work on. For example, if I look at the goals for the game and see that we didn’t score enough in the first quarter, what do I do? I make sure that my team is focused on starting strong right from the get-go. As a company, you must have a way to measure your stats in order to see what you need to work on, and at what point in the journey you need to coach. Fortunately, nowadays we have technology like CloudCherry that specializes in helping you know where you need to improve. We make it possible to know what point in the journey will make the most impact, so you can focus your efforts where it will matter most. I love coaching high school lacrosse and making a difference in the lives of my players, and I know companies want to do the same for their customers.

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By -Dillon Yocom