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The CX Stage

AvatarGuest Author | June 13, 2019

I am a storyteller. I have spent the better part of my life sharing those stories on stage through song, dance, and acting. And, when I joined the CloudCherry Team over two years ago, I felt certain that little- if any- of the skills I’d honed during this 20-year career would be transferable. So much of everything, of course has to do with mindset. And, in my case, it’s taken the challenge of a colleague to inspire some long overdue thinking (and a bit of mindset tweaking) on the subject.  

In truth, the world of theatre has everything (and I do mean everything) to do with CX. Our job as the players on a stage is to provide an audience with an experience. The emotions and intensity behind those experiences vary. But, the universal goal is to help those that come to us feel something…to leave them with the satisfaction of an encounter that- if we’ve done our job right- stays with them, and ideally leaves them changed for the better. It’s the unwritten contract between us and the audience. There are expectations, and no self-respecting actor- if she’s honest with herself- aims for simply meeting those expectations. She always, always aims to surpass them.  

It’s no different in the world of Customer Experience Analytics. Oh, I’m certain there are those in the CX world who ‘phone in’ their performance, but I’ve not encountered them at CloudCherry. Here, the ‘players’ are always, always anxious to exceed expectations. The ‘cast’ is unified in this goal. And the deeper I dive into this field that felt so entirely foreign to me in the beginning, the more I see how very much at home I am with the Team around me. We are in the business of providing an unforgettable experience for our customers- one worthy of a standing ovation- and that’s precisely what we plan to do.  

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By -Summer Naomi Interior

CloudCherry Events Coordinator