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The CX Champions

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | November 12, 2019

CHAMPION. A simple search will tell you it’s, ‘a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else.’ Hmmm…sounds like CX to me. So, what makes a true CX Champion? According to some of our 2019-2020 CX Championship Judges, it comes down to a few very important things.

Eric Ullman of CX Alchemy defines it as, “someone who lives and breathes Customer Experience.” He adds, “You have to have this certain love for people. You have to have this ability to help others come along to that perspective.”

Jeannie Walters’ thoughts?  “A CX Champion- no matter their title- finds ways to literally advocate for the customer on their behalf. Some of Customer Experience work is about the hard truths. That’s the role we play.” She’s also all about the real-life implications that role plays in our business results, and the paramount importance of making sure our leaders understand that.

And what does our very 1st CX Champ, Nate Brown have to say? He advocates for what he calls the “Gandalf effect…bringing people together and galvanizing them on a single quest”, the “Cheerleader effect…motivating people along the way (through orcs and spiders and a whole bunch of BS)”, and the “Chuck Norris Effect…Sometimes you’ve gotta put the pom-poms down and put on your boxing gloves.”

Whichever way you slice it, the point is this: CloudCherry asked for CX Champions, and CX Champions are what we got! From over 100 stellar submissions, the judges carefully deliberated and decided to award the title (along with fantastic, personalized championship belts and a cash prize) to candidates that fell into both the Practitioner category, and the Influencer Category. These Champs came down to 4 spectacular individuals.

Without further ado, our 2019-2020 1st Place CX Champion, in the role of Practitioner, is…drum roll, please…JANET PRETEROTI– AVP, Member Experience at Clearview Federal Credit Union.

From the truly impressive power-point presentation she submitted to the glowing recommendations from her nominators, to- and this is key- the work she does every day, it became crystal clear Janet deserved the Title of 2019-2020 CX Champ.

According to Sandy Michaels- Manager of Member Advocacy at Clearview, “Janet exemplifies top-notch service daily. She encourages her staff to not only provide great service and experiences for their members, but more importantly, to make personal connections with them.”

Those personal connections are what another of our judges, Annette Franz, was particularly impressed with. According to Annette, “The key here is story,” emphasizing that- when it comes to our champ- it’s ALL about the HUMAN experience.

So, what did Janet have to say about her own contribution?  “In all honesty, I feel I have gone from teacher to student…I learn from our team daily what it means to create experience for others, to connect with people on a deeply human level, and to make our business about the people we serve.”

On behalf of all of us striving for the kind of excellence you emulate- Brava, Janet Preteroti!

Following closely on her heels, our 2nd Place CX Champion, in the role of Practitioner, is…envelope, please…SARAH MEYERDIRK, VP and Director of CX at Promomash.

According to her nominator, Yuval Selik, “Sarah doesn’t give up…never.  It’s not in her vocabulary…Without her, the company would NEVER

succeed in the way we have with triple-digit growth year over year.

When you speak of superheroes, Sarah is an actual superhero. At Promomash…her superhero avatar is Wonder Woman.”

All hail the Wonder Woman of CX! Sarah’s clients and colleagues rave about the improvements she’s made. Our judges applaud the ‘raw and from the heart’ approach she takes. And, according to Eric Ullman, it’s often a subject of heated debate as to whose brilliant idea it was to bring her on in her company. No surprise there. Congratulations, Sarah Meyerdirk!

Moving on to the Influencer Champs, our 1st Place CX Influencer is…deep breath…JENNY DEMPSEY, Customer Experience Manager at NumberBarn.

Jenny is what CloudCherry’s first CX Champ- Nate Brown- calls, “exactly the type of ambassador that the Customer Experience space needs. She has been encouraging others and giving freely of her knowledge for nearly a decade through a highly successful blog, a vlog series, multiple conference sessions, and acting as a facilitator inside of CX Accelerator.” Eric Ullman agrees that she is, “a huge, huge giver,” and Annette Franz dubs her, “a force to be reckoned with.”

A huge Congratulations to you, Jenny!

And our 2nd place CX Influencer is…yes, still pausing for dramatic effect…BECKY ROEMEN, Senior CX Consultant at TTEC.

Erica Marois, Becky’s nominator calls her, “the epitome of a CX hero! Becky lives and breathes top-notch customer experience.” And, with a submission video that left our judges in stitches, you can add goofy comic to her impressive resume!

CloudCherry’s James Gilbert applauds her, “frame of mind on how we need to intertwine Marketing and the Customer Experience more and more.” And, as Becky herself puts it, “At the end of the day, awards and recognition is a tip of the hat that I’m moving in the right direction. But, the real reward for me comes from having other people love what they do, make differences in their organizations, and change the trajectory of business decision-making because of Customer Experience…Making bigger impact, spreading my ideas, sharing thought leadership, and helping people grow their careers are really what is the cherry on top of my career.”

And THAT, my friends, is the cherry on top of CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Championship. A huge thank you to all who participated, to our esteemed judges, and to our spectacular CX Champs!