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The Comeback of a More Personalized Approach

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | February 7, 2020

Let’s get personal.

About the comeback of a more personalized approach in CX, that is. It’s no secret- or at least it shouldn’t be- that this is becoming more and more essential in the space. And, in my maiden voyage as Host on the podcast (first one truly sans training wheels), I was personally (had to) VERY grateful to have on board with me a practices-what-she-preaches expert on the subject. Murphy Fraser is the Client Success Manager at Skillshare for Teams, an ICMI Top 50 Thought Leader & Featured Contributor, a recent top 12 Finalist in CloudCherry’s 2019-2020 CX Championship, and my honored guest on this week’s ‘The Sweets of CX’.

First off, why IS personalization so important? And why did it drop down on the collective list of priorities to begin with? – In our discussion, Murphy shares some fantastic thoughts on the matter- as well as some tips on how we can go about actually operationalizing personalization, the best ways to promote alignment around a personalized CX approach (hint: It has a lot to do with that whole EX/CX connection we’ve discussed before), as well as the value of personalization to CX (and the host of things that phrase umbrellas).

So, when’s the time to start incorporating this personalized approach? Now! As Murphy puts it, “We’re all part of that much bigger ecosystem of CX work…We all start small. It’s important to embed the things that you care about in the beginning- to have a leader who’s really focused and able to see ‘How do we make this bigger?’ That is true for an Employee Experience approach. That’s true for a Customer Experience approach…The value of personalization- the importance of a comprehensive and disciplined CX Strategy- to a certain degree has to start in the beginning.” 

But- not to worry- if your CX approach isn’t as personalized as you’d like, you can start today to make those changes that will ultimately yield big results.

And, of course I had to ask: which company has wowed our Expert with their exceptional CX? That honor is held by Delta– a brand that has earned Murphy’s loyalty in many ways, including a recent ‘human’ experience involving a plane full of tired passengers and a ukulele. Interest piqued? Take a listen.

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Murphy’s Bio:

A child of the Midwest startup space, Murphy is a curious and creative leader whose passion is people, pure and simple. As a former Contact Center Supervisor for a food tech company and currently as the Client Success Manager at Skillshare for Teams, she enjoys helping young companies move from customer-curious to customer-centric through process building, engagement strategy development, and experience design. A true advocate for all things customer and employee, Murphy is a believer that when we keep our business interactions human, everyone wins.