What this round of capital means to CloudCherry

CloudCherry | Featured | September 7, 2018

18 months ago Utah was a place I might have struggled to pick out on the map. Everyone in Utah seemed to like starting CX companies but that was as much as I knew about the place. Yet, the wheels of fortune were turning and leading us to our eventual home in Salt Lake City. This round of capital is the result of a journey we started more than 18 months ago when we got our first real round of institutional capital and dreamt of building a global company.

We are delighted today to have Pelion Venture Partners as our lead investors with strong participation from the investors who set us on this path – Vertex Ventures, IDG Ventures India and Cisco Investments. Capital means many things to a young startup. For us, it gives us more capital to take our brand across the US and Asia, build the team we want, and further invest in the cutting edge technologies that have helped us create a niche for us in the CX market. We are doubly delighted to have onboard Chris Cooper who reflects the same zeal and passion for company building as we do. Having Brett Wingo and Donald Tucker from Cisco join as observers makes me feel privileged to share space with such incredible individuals. We are very proud of the very strong board we have so early in our life and having them join us only makes us better.

Funding rounds are often seen as accomplishments; for us, it reflects a reset of ambition. It allows us to dream bigger and aim higher. It allows us to aim for a greater share of customer and brand capital; the only kinds of capital that truly matter. In aiming for glory I am joined by 90 members of the CloudCherry crew spread across Chennai, Bangalore, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur besides a couple of people flying the flag high in Portland and Vancouver! Our greatest asset is truly the people who choose to be aboard this ship when they could be anywhere else in the world.

A huge shout out to those who started us off on this journey and supported us when we were but an idea – the trinity from Great Lakes, friends and family who invested their own savings in us, The Chennai Angels, Capillary and IDG Ventures India. We hope to repay the faith you reposed in us with incredible shareholder returns. To my cousin and mentor Prof. Sriram who is not among us today – I hope you are proud of what we’ve built out of the little idea years ago.

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