Why Sales can fuel your Customer Experience goals

CloudCherry | Featured | January 11, 2017

Great customer experiences don’t happen by chance. They’re built at every stage across the entire customer journey – right from marketing to customer support to sales… Yes, from Sales too!

Despite being one of the most challenging roles in any organization, Sales often finds itself on the periphery of all the Customer Experience talk. There’s a common notion that sales as a function is delegated only to ‘SELL’ and how the buyer feels about the brand is to be determined by other aspects like ambience, product, service and so on. You sell, sell, and keep on selling!

Well, it’s time to dispel this notion for good. What if I told you that Sales teams can not only influence the prospect-to-buyer transition but also push buyers to become loyal customers in the long run?

In fact, 53% of customer loyalty is driven by Sales Experience. (Source)

Still have reservations? Well, here are 3 reasons WHY Sales is as much about the experience as it is about cracking the deal!

1. This is where (most) first impressions are made

Sales teams are no outsiders to first impressions. The first pitch, the first cold-call, the first online demo – it matters the most and lets buyers set expectations regarding the type of experience your company will provide.

By being one of the few crucial front-facing functions in your organization, it serves as a relationship opener between the company and the prospect in most cases.

And only if the prospective buyer is impressed at this first point of engagement, will there be any deal, any customer in the first place before you can even start thinking about loyalty, retention or upselling.

2. Trust emanates from here

It doesn’t take a true genius to understand that relationships built on trust and confidence are stronger. Be it with your fiancé, best friend, relative or co-worker. The very same applies to buyer relationships as well. By constantly engaging with the buyer throughout the sales cycle, your Sales team has the opportunity to form solid, trustworthy and long-lasting relationships.

The words and the tone Sales people use, the amount of research they do about the buyer, the way they present the value proposition keeping the buyers’ needs in mind is what ultimately wins over prospects and helps them trust your overall Brand as a whole.

3. Sales is an Experience in itself

The sales cycle is an experience in itself. From introducing the prospective buyer to your product/service to proposals and negotiations, your sales team is building an experience bit by bit, knowingly or unknowingly.

And this entire sales experience becomes the standard for the buyer, when they later have to interact with customer support or finance or marketing. So, if your sales experience is great, buyers expect the same consistent experience, if not better, across all other touchpoints and channels.

There’s just so much you can do from a Sales standpoint that will help the buyer ease into other processes and systems of your organization. Customer Experiences are formed at this juncture and it is important to give enough resources to your Sales team to actually go out there and provide maximum value for the prospective buyer. So, is the Sales function in your Company well equipped to create a delightful buyer experience? Let us know in the comments section below!