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How can real-time Customer Feedback benefit your Business?

Divya BhatDivya Bhat | April 11, 2016

Imagine this. A customer comes to your restaurant and he doesn’t like the food one bit. He then gives you really negative feedback and details his poor experience on a review site, like Zomato or Yelp, later on. In any other scenario, your restaurant would have most likely lost a customer (why would he visit you a second time?). And on top of that, many other potential customers who read what he’s posted would see it as a strong caveat and steer clear of your brand. Again, more customers lost!

But what if you were able to identify that the very same customer didn’t like the food even before he leaves your place? It’s called being proactive, right? And what if your Brand could diffuse such bitter, soon-to-explode situations ‘proactively’ before they blow up into something uncontrollable? What if your Brand could step up, take ownership of the issue, and compensate the customer with a freebie or discount and a sincere apology, all in real-time? There’s a high chance he stays loyal to your brand.

The logic is simple. When it comes to serving your customers, you need to be on your toes. That’s the only way you can ever stop negative feedback from going public. With the help of real-time customer feedback alerts, you can do just that. When you’re running a business, chances are you’ll never be able to please everyone. But it’s about managing the bad reviews – by addressing them as quickly as you can – that is going to make all the difference between a consumer-focused brand and one that is not.

Addressing customer feedback in as little time as possible helps you stay consumer-focused, dramatically improving your online reputation and helping you create a solid brand image. The quality of listening proactively to your consumers, throughout their journey with your brand, cultivates a feeling of extreme brand loyalty in them that leads to more positive word-of-mouth and more business.

Why your Business needs Real-time Customer Feedback

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The use of real-time customer feedback is becoming one of the best tools for businesses that want to learn more about where they stand with their customers. This technology allows you to listen to exactly what your customers are saying, in real-time, so that you can act on it immediately if there’s a situation. Feedback that is collected through E-mail, Web applications, IVR systems, tablets or other data collection channels is fed into a central dashboard as and when it is recorded. With this information, you will be quickly notified on any instance of negative customer experience that you can address right away. This will allow your business to build brand loyalty (increase your Net Promoter ScoreSM), improve customer relationships, and prevent customers from becoming detractors (unhappy customers).

The Importance of your Online Reputation

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How often have you seen a negative comment/review about a business go viral on social media? More often than not, you will even see some of these broadcasted on television. Such viral occurrences can tarnish your brand image, and put a dent on your reputation. This can bring about a lot of exposure to your business, but not in a good light. Negative commentary is surely very dangerous, especially if it’s out on a public forum.

A real-time customer feedback platform alerts you to customer grievances before they become a social media spectacle. What this means is that you can turn a customer’s bitter experience with your brand into a positive experience by acknowledging the customer’s pain point and doing your best to resolve it in an honest manner. Doing so, you’re actually making customer feedback actionable, and breeding a culture of customer centricity within your company.

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