Real time Customer Feedback

Real-time action is key to Customer Delight

CloudCherry | Featured | May 13, 2015



Real time Customer Feedback Is Key To Customer Delight


Customers love to be surprised, more so in real-time. Just imagine how they would feel if you could turn a distasteful customer experience into a delightful one? Not tomorrow or two days later by sending an apology mail or SMS, but at this moment.In Real-Time.


Although tedious, we’re sure that you are seeing why customer delight is important. So let’s up this a notch. To delight your customers, there’s no better time than Real-Time. In this increasingly connected world that we live in, customers are constantly engaging in conversations and sharing their experiences about your brand in real-time. And this can really impact the perception of your brand and the customer-brand relationship.

Customer Sentiment goes Social!


Your customer’s opinions leave your store even before the customer does, thanks to Twitter, Facebook and every other social network out there (And all of this happens with one single post that automatically shares across networks). 140 characters is all it takes to make or break the reputation of a brand in a matter of seconds. So what do you do about this and make sure it works in your favour?

The answer is simple: Wow your customers by giving them a delightful experience each time they visit you. But let’s be realistic about this. Mistakes happen. You can’t please everyone. You can’t read into the minds of your customers and know their ‘idiosyncrasies’ (for the lack of a better word). And a lot of times, you’ll never know about this.

The time that your customer spends in your store, on your website, or with your delivery staff, is really the time in which they are framing their next twitter post in their head. And the moment you screw up, they’re ready to go out all guns blazing. But intervene by asking them for their feedback about their interaction, and you’ve bought yourself an extra minute, and a chance for you to make them change their opinion.

The ‘Time’ in Real-Time


Now, here’s where timing comes into play. Let’s say this again: There’s no better time than real-time. And here’s where it goes back to the other keys to customer delight – An empowered employee, representing a brand that’s empathetic to customer needs has the opportunity to act in Real-Time.

Lay all skepticism aside and realize that customers are more than willing to share their thoughts about their experience with your brand. Now, your employees have a chance to jump in and show the customer that their feedback has actually been heard. A sorry for a screw-up and a thank you for a good feedback is a great place to start.

Real-Time alerts that go out to key stakeholders (Managers, Call Centres, Etc.) and indicate them right away about a possible issue, which in turn is addressed with action immediately is a simple, yet winning formula.

Intervene and Apologize Swiftly


Do this when you’re still within the duration of your current interaction, and you’ve not only have you won yourself a customer by showing them that you care, but you’ve also possibly eliminated the flagrant posts on Social media.
In fact, one of our own customers, Zaica, has benefited a great deal out of setting up real-time alerts for feedback. The manager of the branch reaches out to each and every customer who gave below-satisfactory ratings within 24 hours and apologize no matter what the reasons were.

They have found customers to be happy about the fact that their opinion was acknowledged and the management was doing something to address it. There have been occasions when the top management people have reached out too, thereby making it a point that their feedback was valuable and that the management was acting on it with immediate effect.

If customer delight is what you’re aiming for, you’ve got to do it right and more importantly, do it right now.