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Onboarding Customers and Employees: Why a First Impression is Everything.

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | January 17, 2020

Ah First Impressions.

We all know we don’t get a second chance to make ‘em. And when it comes to Onboarding, a topic that- surprisingly- doesn’t receive a whole lot of attention, first impressions can make or break it for both Customers AND Employees. But, not to worry. On this week’s ‘Sweets of CX’ Episode, we brought in expert Stacy Sherman to shed some serious light on the subject.

With her extensive experience in many, varied CX roles, Stacy offers a uniquely holistic perspective you can’t help but appreciate. And we dug right into that holistic goodness, beginning at- well- the beginning.

First impressions for a customer are, as Stacy puts it, “where they’re first learning about you…As soon as that experience begins and they become a customer, it is a consistentformalized process to bring them on board…It entails consistency and a LOT of communication, so that customers know what to expect right after they say ‘I’m a customer. I’m paying you.’…Right from that beginning.”

And for employees? We discuss how the Onboarding Process starts the moment an offer-letter is provided or accepted…perhaps as early as the minute HR contacts someone about an opportunity. Even HOW the position is actually posted makes a difference. Says our expert: “It absolutely has a brand impact.” ALL of it.

You’ll get in-depth info on all of the above, as well as some stellar tips on best practices for the continuing Onboarding process (spoiler: At the center of it? Details, organization, communication…all that good stuff). We also share some personal impressions re what impacted our OWN On-boarding experiences, touch on the importance of continuing global conversations around issues of Diversity and Inclusion, and- ultimately- return again and again to the simple but transformational concept of Humanizing Business. Basically, this one is PACKED with a whole lot of take-away goodies to chew on.

So, what brands have wowed Stacy? The first is Apple. (Stacy- like many of us- has “more devices than [she] care[s] to admit”.) But- good products aside- for her, it’s more about the experience. She applauds the free learning courses offered, as well as the follow-up call (where they- wait for it- thought ahead and predicted a pain point for their customers). She also highlights Trader Joe’s and the consistently above-and-beyond experiences you can expect there. No argument here: They’ve raised the bar in a big way. And, according to Stacy, “These wow moments are why you buy and return and tell others.”

Now, that’s a lasting impression.

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NOTE: All of the thoughts and opinions shared by Stacy on this episode are hers and hers alone. Follow Stacy’s blog at

Stacy’s Bio:

Fearlessly dedicated to revolutionizing & differentiating brands through (CX) Customer Experience management & measurement. Includes maximizing employee engagement to fuel customer loyalty and referrals beyond price factors. Achieving record-breaking Net Promoter (NPS) + Customer Satisfaction results, contributing to multi-million-dollar revenue growth Y/Y and portfolio protection.

Career includes leading Sales, Digital Marketing and eCommerce for well known (B2B) business & (B2C) consumer brands (see jobs). Worked at client sides and ad agency environments, surpassing acquisition goals while retaining profitable accounts.