Multi-Channel Feedback Platform For Retail Brand

‘The only way is omni-channel’ for Retail Brands

CloudCherry | Featured | March 14, 2016

Customer feedback is more important than ever today. Given that customers engage with your retail organization across multiple touchpoints, the whole customer-brand conversation has become a whole lot dynamic. And mere paper surveys won’t do if you’re looking to keep pace with changing customer needs!

Retail brands need to have a presence wherever their customers are – be it online, offline or any other channel. In other words, they need to go omni-channel. They need to break barriers and reach out to customers in interesting ways in order to gain feedback that is not just accurate but also highly diverse and contextual. There’s no other way to meet every customer’s expectation.

While paper surveys restrict your audience size, going omni-channel enables you to reach out to a larger group of customers. through more advanced channels such as chatbots, smart devices, website, pop-up surveys and more.

Here, we look at how beneficial it is for retailers to adopt an omni-channel approach to customer feedback management.

Gain Feedback from a Broader Audience

The more data you have, the more you can get to know about your customers. This is especially helpful for global retailers who are dealing with customers from different cultural, demographic, and ethnic background. How do you know what different customers want? A customer using your mobile app would expect a different experience compared to one visiting your store. And basis expectations, the drivers of customer loyalty would also vary. If you need to understand all this, omni-channel surveys can truly help you. And combining these surveys with a powerful analytics platform empowers you to glean insights on different customer groups and deliver personalize experiences across touchpoints.

Stay Relevant amongst your Audience

Staying up to date with the market trends and forecasts is crucial for long-term sustainable growth. And omni-channel customer feedback surveys tap into the aspirations of both digital and physical customers, and help brands stay in touch with what is relevant in this moment. Be cognizant of your customers’ wants and needs, and devise strategies that differentiate your business in the marketspace. And staying relevant doesn’t have to do with just customers. It is also about knowing what your competition is doing by always being willing to listen to customers across different touchpoints.

Centralize Customer Feedback across Multiple Channels

With the traditional forms of feedback collection systems, it can be difficult to centralize and process customer data since it requires a lot of manual work. With an omni-channel feedback collection platform, you get to bring data in real-time into a single dashboard, view this data holistically, and also strive to deliver more connected and seamless experiences for customers.

Provide a consistent Customer Experience

The customer, irrespective of what touchpoint he/she uses, views your brand as a single entity. They expect the same experience all the time, be it at your store, or website, or call center. And retail omni-channel surveys enable organizations to view feedback from different channels, take decisions based on centralized feedback data, derive painpoints across each channel and optimize channel-specific experiences. You can make the channels more functional, particularly if one of them is not performing as well as the others. All this results in a consistent brand experience!

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