Proverbs that do not go hand-in-hand with the Net Promoter Score

Proverbs that are a Strict No-No in NPS®

CloudCherry | Featured | October 14, 2016

As leaders, we often meet with situations where we are made to address a gathering, no matter how big or small, and say words that are powerful, inspiring and memorable. This is as much a boon as it is a bane because you never know whose day you are making with such speeches!

Using quotes, metaphors and proverbs are traditionally considered extremely positive when it comes to oratory skills & eloquence. With such power & responsibility on your shoulders picking the right ones to fit the given context is paramount.

What have proverbs got to do with NPS®?

Let me explain. In a customer-facing business, making sure that you deliver on your customers’ expectations and exceed them in time is a key differentiator. And NPS® is a very potent tool to educate you about how your customers feel about your brand. Unless, every employee in your organization feels the power that lies within the “Ultimate Question”, its success is not guaranteed. As the leader of the pack, it is your responsibility to ensure that this is communicated well and regularly. The metaphorical expression that proverbs rely on is bound to make a deep impact on your employees, who are familiar with these adages already! Hence, this.

Considering how often phrases like “A stitch in time saves nine” or “Black sheep of the family” come in handy, this post is bound to make a difference to all you thought leaders and inspiration-generators. Let us know how well this fares with your employees in your next huddle with them!

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth

This is not applicable to any organization collecting and measuring Net Promoter Score. In fact, making NPS® a departmental activity and restricting the effort (to increase the score) to a certain team could prove counter-productive. Breeding a culture of customer-centricity calls for the participation and contribution of every single employee in his/her own capacity.

Instead, seek inspiration from – United we stand, divided we fall

2. Let bygones be bygones

Worst advice to give to someone who is in the pursuit of perfecting their customer satisfaction scores. Customer data and insights from past experiences actually prove extremely insightful in designing current processes. This is valid irrespective of which metric you use to track customer experience. Dig deep into the data you’ve collected and hunt for hidden gems of feedback which can help you improve. Don’t let bygones be bygones.

Instead, seek inspiration from – “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

3. Silence is golden

No. Unlearn this right now if you wish to make a mark in your customers’ hearts! Silence is unacceptable regardless of context. Be it with passives, promoters or detractors. Communication is the key. Interact with your customers at every practical opportunity you get because only then will you understand what they expect from you. By exceeding this expectation you will become their source of delight!

Instead, seek inspiration from: “Ask & you shall receive (feedback)”/ “Seek and you will find it.”

4. Lightning never strikes twice in the same

Again, do not assume you will never encounter the exact same situation ever again, no matter how uncanny the course of events! Take each of your open-ended comments seriously and as soon as you spot something that is valid and big enough to be considered a threat, fix it. Never assume when it comes to feedback.

When you spot a glitch in the system, don’t assume it will never occur again. Lightning can, absolutely, strike the same place as many times as it pleases, so get your act together and erect your lightning rod before you burn to the ground.

Instead, seek inspiration from- Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

5. Let sleeping dogs lie

In pop culture, this would be “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But hey, the problem with this is that with passives, nothing IS, really, broken! And the promoters? They love you! But can you just let them be and only adopt just the detractors, can you! This is why we say satisfaction with status quo is poisonous to growth.

Don’t just wait for something to go wrong to ameliorate customer experience. Being proactive not only awakens your detractors, but also reinforces your CX efforts with your promoters and make a stronger argument with your passives as to why you deserve their business over competition!

Instead, seek inspiration from: Early bird catches the worm