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Net Promoter Score℠(NPS) – A metric you cannot ignore

CloudCherry | Featured | April 14, 2015

What Is Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS) ? – A Metric You Cannot Ignore

In every customer lies your most enthusiastic advocate as well as your harshest critic. Sweep him off his feet with a great experience and he will gladly be an ambassador for your brand. Slip up and he will – much to the delight of your competitors – waste no time giving you one-star reviews and telling all and sundry why you’re the worst thing to have happened to your industry.

Make no mistake; Karma shall catch up with you.

It’s important to ensure that your customers fall in love with your offerings. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that much.

However, are you doing it right? How do you tell whether a customer walking out of your store is going to praise you effusively or criticize you?
Enter Net Promoter Score℠.

Created by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company, Net Promoter Score is a metric that tells you whether or not the majority of your customers will recommend your products or services to others. It’s as simple to understand as it is powerful in its implications.


It all begins with one simple yet all-important question: Based on today’s experience, how likely are you to recommend us to your friends or colleagues?

Ask this question of your customers once you are done interacting with them. Have them answer on an eleven-point scale.

All set to know what your customers think of you?

-All scores from 0 through 6 have come to you from your Detractors – customers who are displeased and seething and who are likely to tell the world why they don’t like you.

-Those who’ve given you scores of 7 and 8 are Passives. These people aren’t exactly floored by your offerings, but they don’t hate you.

-Anybody who has given you a 9 or 10 is a Promoter. Being mighty pleased with you, they practically become evangelists of your brand.

Your Net Promoter Score is the difference between the percentage of promoters and detractors. Therefore, your NPS would be 20 if your promoters constitute 80% of the responses while your detractors account for 60%. You’re doing well!

On the other hand, however, you need to figure what you’re doing wrong if your NPS is below zero – it means you have more detractors than you do promoters.

How we can help?

Cloudcherry cuts the chase for you.

By enabling root cause analysis in real-time & providing actionable information, you can attempt to convert your customer’s distress to delight.


A customer who gives you an NPS rating of 6 will be more than willing to tell you what the reason behind that was. By setting up an alert, you have a chance to go and talk to him immediately and make up for it through a gesture he’d remember you for, in a nice way.

Cloudcherry doesn’t just measure NPS but makes NPS actionable. All you need to do is listen, act and delight.

Start delighting your Customers through actionable NPS. SIGN UP BELOW!

(NPS®, Net Promoter® & Net Promoter® Score are a registered trademark of Fred Reichheld, Satmetrix, and Bain & Company.)

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