Make delight a global phenomenon

Making Delight a global phenomenon

CloudCherry | Featured | March 28, 2016

This past month, I experienced winter in Chicago and Chennai. For those who haven’t been to the latter, it is about 50 degrees F warmer than Chicago at any given time but they did share one thing in common – SaaS metrics.

I had the privilege of attending SaaStr Annual 2016 in SFO, and then reflect upon what I heard and learnt there. Half way across the planet, I was thrilled to see how our metrics were shaping up and how well we benchmarked against the best SaaS companies on the planet. Armed with that discovery and the phenomenal traction our Inside Sales channels are seeing, we are scaling our Global Sales efforts even as we consolidate our pole position in India. We are also seeing increased adoption in the Middle East as Customer Experience takes center stage in that market.

We also broke fresh ground on the Cloudcherry product with our own Text Analytics module going beta, and the gamification of our tablet/mobile apps to enhance the end user experience and to allow clients to broadcast promotional messaging on the Cloudcherry Customer Feedback app.

We are also rapidly expanding the team. The first casualty of rapid scale is usually culture and that happens to be my primary KRA (apart from replying to mails on time). Armed with lots of beer, the new stars joining the team are getting to know their older team mates better, and the Chennai and Bangalore offices are visiting each other as often as schedules permit. As always, we are thrilled by the energy and intellect new people bring to the team and generally raise the bar for what it takes to work in a startup like Cloudcherry. Also, stay tuned for updates on our new offices that are coming up!

As the rest of the Northern Hemisphere slowly says goodbye to winter (Chennai never got it to begin with) I request you all to think of the smartest, the most passionate person you know and then ask them to mail in to Cloudcherry. Great companies cannot be built without great people. We shall reward you with cookies and cherries 🙂

Stay warm, and stay delighted!