Proactive Customer Service

What makes Proactive Customer Service so important? [Infographic]

CloudCherry | Featured | September 19, 2017

Customer service has gone from a siloed function to being an integral part of the customer’s overall experience. Today, quick and quality service is something most customers expect. They want your organization to be able to expedite issues, resolve them instantly and also make sure they never occur again.

If you’re looking to, however, win over the customer’s lifetime loyalty, merely meeting expectations won’t suffice. In addition to quality service, it’s important to be proactive in understanding customer painpoints and addressing them. Yes, proactive customer service is what gives you the edge over competitors. It’s what directs the customer to choose your brand from a plethora of choices!

So, how is proactive customer service shaping up customer experiences? Are companies already making large-size investments? Who are the top players in this space?

Here’s an infographic that details the ‘State of Proactive Customer Service’. Find out everything about it and also gear up to craft your own proactive strategy – we have some tips for you as well!

proactive customer service