Losing Customer Loyalty

“We’re doing business with someone else” Why? {Because you made us do so!}

CloudCherry | Featured | June 27, 2017

You’ve lost customers. Why are customers leaving brands they love and have been loyal to? The answer is ‘choice’. We have far too many choices today. Are you looking for a nice craft beer to bring to a party? Or perhaps some hand crafted mini donuts to go along with your beverage? Well, here in Salt Lake City, I can think of at least 5 choices for each. What’s going to make me buy that tasty Epic Brew over a Squatters or Wasatch? I can tell you. The customer experience of walking into the Epic store is a true delight. It’s fun, and better yet, so are the people waiting to purchase their favorite adult beverage. You may be thinking… how many locations are there? 2. There are 2 locations and people drive there (responsibly of course) because the experience far outweighs the distance.

How is your business standing out?
Is it even on the list? In today’s world, we have to have more than a product that looks good or tastes good or even implements easily. We must give our current and more importantly, potential customers the experience they THINK they deserve to keep them coming back for more. Now, I say deserve for a very specific reason; because we’ve CHOSEN to do business with you, it’s now up to you to wow me. I know, it sounds unfair, but if you’re not doing it, someone else will.

Everyone talks about Nordstrom and Customer Experience, and for good reason. You can buy the brands Nordstrom sells, at 10 different places in your local mall. But you don’t. You go to Nordstrom because you know that: 1. They’ll take good care of you. 2. They’ll return anything or make it right if you have a problem. And finally, they walk your purchase around the counter and physically put it in your hands and thank you.

Nordstrom has created a retail experience second to none and we now believe we deserve the same customer experience everywhere we go. Thanks a lot Nordstrom.

So, how can we create those experiences within our organizations? We can’t all walk around and hand you your purchase directly, nor do we even see our customer if we’re in the software business.

Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan has provided us some excellent advice on how to create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences. I’m a believer in her new book, “More is More”. The inside of the front cover tells us what D.O.M.O.R.E. means.

Design something special

Offer a strong employee experience

Modernize with technology

Obsess over the Customer

Reward responsibility and accountability

Embrace disruption and innovation

Following a very simple set of steps can help you begin the process of creating loyalty in a world where we have so many choices. I particularly like the points she makes about Modernizing with Technology and Embracing Disruption and Innovation. That’s the reason CloudCherry exists. Let’s not try to guess what our customers, partners and clients are thinking. Let’s ask. Let’s respond in Real-Time to issues and concern. We can become so awesome, that the number of choices in our current and prospective customer’s mind begin to dwindle.

Now, where’s that beer I ordered?

Stop Losing Your Customers To Competition