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Keys to Uniting the C-Suite with CX

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | November 11, 2019


Take up the battle cry and learn the keys to finding that oft-elusive C-Suite Unity in this week’s ‘Sweets of CX’ podcast. And, who better to lead the charge than the one and only Jeanne Bliss of Customer Bliss– 5 time Chief Customer Officer, CX Pioneer & Leadership Advisor, Speaker, Author, Cofounder of, and our honored guest.

It’s takes about 2.5 seconds to recognize and appreciate the refreshingly no-nonsense approach Jeanne takes to business. When it comes to uniting the C-Suite, she makes it clear that, ‘It’s about growth and about profitability of the business,’ and that it absolutely ‘IS a growth engine! Otherwise it’s kumbaya/ we are the world/ let’s go hug customers.’ Breaking down what she calls her 5 competencies, there’s incredible insight in every sentence…And you’ll want to lean forward.

From encouraging people to check their pride at the door and assigning specific tasks to ‘demystify’ the work, to practicing her definition of ‘Leadership Bravery’ (all of which barely skims the surface, btw), Jeanne’s advice packs an oh-so-applicable punch.

And what brand has wowed her? Virgin Hotels (thanks to their ‘deliberate decision to be fair’) wins that honor. As Jeanne puts it, ‘It’s really about modeling behavior that people can emulate. That’s what the most beloved companies do. That’s what fuh-eeeew-ses people to you.’ We can certainly all unite around that idea.

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Jeanne Bliss pioneered the role of the Chief Customer Officer and is an architect of the customer experience movement. Since 1983, she’s been a five-time Chief Customer Officer, coached 15,000 global executives on how to earn admirable growth by improving lives, delivered 1,500 keynotes, written four international best-selling books on Customer Experience, and cofounded the Customer Experience Professional’s Association.