IVR Feedback

IVR Feedback in India – What’s so Interesting about It?

CloudCherry | Featured | November 5, 2015

Although the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has been around since the 1900s, leveraging this platform as a survey tool is arguably still in its nascent stage. That said, the scope for collecting customer feedback via IVR systems is an intriguing adoption that is slowly making brands turn their heads. After all, IVR installation and design in rather simple from the brand’s perspective and it is even more easier for the customers to navigate the system.

Here we examine what gives businesses the edge in integrating IVR technology to collect customer feedback in India.

1. Zero dependence on Internet Connectivity


According to a study in 2015, only 20% of India’s population is connected to the internet. And although the numbers are significantly improving with time, the fact remains that the majority of the country’s population is without internet connectivity. In this context, online feedback systems that include website and email surveys, tablet and smartphone-based feedback forms, are incompatible as they ultimately require seamless internet connectivity to store/upload the customer data.

This is where IVR feedback offers an effective and wide scale alternative. With the only basic requirement being that of a telephone connection – which most households have – it enables businesses to survey even those customers who are outside the realms of the digital world.

2. Survey a Larger Audience


When you have customers from rural and inaccessible areas, and you want to survey them, how do you go about it?

IVR helps brands reach out to customers in inaccessible regions ensuring that each and every customer’s opinion is recorded and taken into account while understanding customer behaviour. This, in turn, means more feedback data collected from more customers!

3. Reach out to the Non-Tech-Savvy Customer


Not every customer is comfortable with a tablet or a smartphone, let alone answering a survey on it. In other words, not everyone is tech-savvy.

Forget being tech-savvy. There are customers who don’t check their mail for weeks on a trot, so what’s the point in sending them email surveys or giving them tablets for feedback collection at retail outlets?

IVR negates the love for tech and digital when it comes to giving feedback. By guiding respondents through an automated and interactive voice, IVR simplifies the whole feedback process, with clear, concise and comprehensible answer options.

4. Overcoming the Language Barrier


Now that multi-lingual IVR systems have started to grow in prominence, the same feedback questionnaire can be integrated into the IVR in different languages.

Therefore, in addition to breaking the barriers of internet connectivity and landscape, IVR systems also overcome the language barrier thereby enabling brands to solicit feedback from customers irrespective of their culture and ethnic differences.

Although most call centres and customer support teams have been using IVR for a long time, leveraging this platform as a fully-fledged means to collect customer feedback has tremendous potential. And it’s high time you do so!