CloudCherry launches its new IVR Feedback Collection Channel to become a Truly Omni-Channel CEM Solution

CloudCherry | Featured | October 10, 2015

CloudCherry aims to help brands manage customer experience efficiently by reaching the right customer at the right time using the right channel.

CloudCherry,the cloud based Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution, today launched its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based feedback collection channel. IVR feedback collection joins the extensive list of customer feedback collection channels including Email, SMS, QR Code, Web, Tablet, Mobile App, Micro Surveys, Email Signature and Paper feedback questionnaires.

With its omni- channel approach to Customer Experience Management, CloudCherry help Brands stay connected with its diverse consumer base and their dynamic experience throughout their customer journey with the brand. With anchor channels becoming more and more difficult to identify in a landscape where a customer interacts with the brand through various touchpoints like Social Media, company website, customer care number, emails and through one to one interaction with the staff, it becomes crucial to identify and map the customer journey across different channels.

IVR feedback offers the very real advantage of immediacy. A well designed IVR system provides strong benefits of broad accessibility, timeliness of communication and relevance of information. It combines the richness of voice data along with the non-intrusive nature of email to provide a strong dimension to our Omni channel approach.” said Vidya Venugopalan, VP Customer Insights at CloudCherry

CloudCherry, in its experience with clients from multiple industries has been able to fully utilize the omni-channel approach to help Banks, Retail Brands, F&B Companies, Spa’s and others keep track of Net Promoter Score®(NPS®) and Customer Service Levels across its multiple product and service offerings. The CEM solution once implemented has also helped standardize Customer Experience across different service channels – IVR, SMS , Email and Mobile App.

Ultimately customers choose how, when and where they communicate with the brand. As a CEM platform we need to be present where the customer wants us to be hence our approach is truly omnichannel.” said Vinod Muthukrishnan, Co-founder and CEO of CloudCherry

The CloudCherry founding team believes that providing this omni-channel advantage is a crucial step for companies to create a responsive customer engagement system for their brands.

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