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CloudCherry | Featured | April 5, 2016

As a restaurant owner, one of the wisest calls to take is to make Customer Experience the hero of your story. It is, quite understandably, of utmost importance that your diners feel inspired to keep coming back to you. Customer Experience is all about delivering an experience so exquisite that your customer – in your case, the diner – will simply not go elsewhere with his business. Delighting your customers, therefore, is not only the wisest thing to do, but also the most lucrative option to explore!

This is not an aspect of your business that you can ignore or take for granted, because converting every disgruntled diner into a loyal one is only possible when you address his/her feedback. Retaining that customer is not only important for your brand image but also for your profits. As important as it is to earn a new customer, it is also mandatory that you continue to be in the best books of the customers you have already won.

Why Customer Experience is paramount in the F&B Industry

As one of the most profitable industries, restaurants fulfill the need for a variety of products and services. This being the case, customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your brand directly determines your growth or the lack thereof. Your customers act as agents who will impact the success of any product or service you offer.

While it is true that no organization can ALWAYS satisfy EVERY customer, a reliable Customer Experience Management tool can take care of most of your worries as far as Customer Delight is concerned. Customer feedback is essential, yes – but what if you are using a survey method that is obsolete?

The issue with Traditional Feedback Collection methods

Traditional restaurant survey methods come with a set of challenges unlike other industries. Restaurants are particularly concerned with the importance of customer feedback due to the subjectivity of the industry, including the difference in opinions consumers have in taste, ambience, and the experience. Traditionally, food service industries get the bulk of their feedback through the use of comment cards manually completed by customers.

This method can be somewhat ineffective for two primary reasons. First, the feedback collection process can be limiting. There is only so much you can ask your customer on a small comment card. Therefore, it can be difficult to gain their insight on the overall experience and customers are likely to become exhausted with the process.

Secondly, the analysis of customer data from comment cards can be a roadblock. For busy restaurants, there can be hundreds of comment cards collected each month. In addition to the management staff being very busy with their day to day tasks, they will be tasked with analyzing these cards manually. Getting accurate feedback with this method can be very time consuming and it becomes difficult to get a firm idea of which areas need the most improvement.

What questions do you want to ask customers who visit your restaurant?

Your CEM Platform

Your go-to CEM platform is here!

CloudCherry’s customer experience management platform can drastically simplify feedback collection at restaurants. It can make the process much more efficient and meaningful to the customer. Many restaurants have started using tablets so that customers can quickly enter their responses. It also makes it easy for customers to take a survey more voluntarily.

This method also simplifies the analysis process for the management staff. They now have a variety of options when it comes to slicing and dicing customer data. They can get the survey results much faster as all the data collected is sent to one dashboard in real-time, instantly. This allows for further analysis to derive deeper insight. For instance, managers can clearly find out how they can better balance revenue by optimizing prices.

Restaurants using CloudCherry have witnessed a 10% increase in ratings on online review sites within a few weeks of implementing the product.

Making Customer Feedback actionable

A real-time customer experience management platform allows restaurant managers to make customer feedback actionable – use feedback to drive business decisions and processes. The Real-Time aspect of CloudCherry is particularly beneficial, since it allows the restaurant managers to act on feedback immediately, sometimes even before the customer has time to post the negative review online – giving restaurants the opportunity to engage with the diner, and convert an unhappy experience into a happy one.

Customer Experience experts have said that negative feedback is an opportunity to engage and build a relationship with the customer if your front end staff have been trained accordingly. For instance, if a customer had a particularly negative experience, the manager can opt to personally call the customer to apologize or send them a free discount coupon. It can also provide the managers information regarding the areas that are not performing well like ambience, menu choices, and so on. A dynamic feedback management platform like Cloudcherry allows restaurants to act on every single piece of customer feedback in an efficient manner, which is definitely more time-saving than having to pore over manually completed comment cards!

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