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Humanizing The Customer Experience In Marketing

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | October 1, 2019

Hey, we’re only human.

And, when it comes to Customer Experience in Marketing- as in all things- we want people to remember that.

“It’s simple. When we talk about humanizing the experience, it doesn’t matter what your discipline is. If it’s marketing, if it’s contact center…If you have a customer experience title, it all boils down to treating the customer the way we want to be treated.” – Wise words indeed, and the first of many shared by Becky Roemen– Sr CX Consultant at TTEC Digital, ICMI Top 50 CX Thought Leader, CX Accelerator Board Member, and our honored guest on this week’s ‘Sweets of CX’ Podcast.

In her discussion with CloudCherry’s James Gilbert, Becky clarifies the importance of moments that matter (or MTMs) vs. points of tension, the necessity for true empathy and passion when it comes to brand voice, the need to ask ourselves whether or not we’re actually delivering on the promises we make in our Mission Statements, and how ‘one size fits all’ should be banished from our CX vocabulary.

As she says, “The bottom line is- it all comes down to customer loyalty. And, in the landscape, no industry is untouched by this. We’re not competing off of price anymore. We’re not competing off of product mix or any other factor. Most industries are now competing off of experience, as the number one factor to stay with- or leave- a company.”

In addition, Becky introduces us to a fascinating visual tool she’s dubbed, ‘The Customer Experience Spider Web’, shares tips on how a company of ANY size can compete with the gold standard (Note: She sneaks these bonus nuggets in at the end, so stick around), and chats about ‘the Jack Russel Terrier of Bots’. Intrigued? I know we certainly were!

And, what company has wowed her with their Customer Experience? Becky decisively chose American Express, siting a ‘seamless’ interaction she recently had with them that- start to finish- took a total of 2 minutes. Respecting people’s time? Now, that’s something any human can appreciate.  

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Becky Roemen’s Bio (In her own words):

An experienced Customer Experience transformation strategist with demonstrated success and thought leadership. My innate passion for the delivery of digital transformation & disruptive business technologies is married with my marketing and business strategy background. I serve as a thought leader in the Customer Experience and Disruptive Technologies space, backed by several industry publications and certifications. Expertise in both technology and marketing give way to refined capabilities in developing and implementing a transformational customer experience strategy that provides value and drives customer loyalty. I am a trusted industry voice for guidance on emerging contact center channels and technologies. I have been recognized as a Top 50 Customer Experience Industry Thought Leader by ICMI.