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How Visual Engagement Tools Can Streamline Online Banking Experience

James GilbertJames Gilbert | June 13, 2019

Online banking has been transforming customers’ behaviors, expectations, and needs. Why is that so? It’s because it provides a more comfortable life for the customer, which is what they want precisely. Customers want to have a smooth execution of banking transactions with just one click or one touch rather than wasting their time waiting in line.

However, customers still find it hard to settle some banking problems regardless of what platform they are using, which eventually allows the banking industry to develop a clear, trusted, and user-friendly online banking solution.

Developing efficient visual engagement tools is a huge help for banks to push more towards successful customer engagement. Read to know how visual engagement tools can streamline the customer’s online banking experience.

Minimize Efforts From Both Ends

Just like any industry today, the way banks create and maintain good relationships with their clients is changing rapidly. Because of the high level of competition, there has been a transformation in the operations of the banking system, particularly in terms of customer related actions.

Usage of visual engagement tools helps lessen customer efforts, especially in finding out information on banking services. The clients’ needs for fast and efficient service are reevaluating the way banks handle their connections and communication with the client. Online banking uses Artificial Intelligence or AI that will gather information about their consumer to identify the customer’s needs better and to provide much better customer engagement.

Integration of these visual engagement tools can also help lessen efforts for banks and their representatives. They can already focus on assisting customers with more complicated problems. Banks can also interact with their clients more engagingly and provide new solutions that can satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

Investing in Co-Browsing Technology

Collaborative browsing or Co-Browsing is a way for a representative and a customer to ‘screen share’ and browse on the same web page at the same time. It is most useful when a customer tries to explain an issue to a bank agent, such as how to process an online payment or if they have a problem with failed transactions.
Some banks already use CoBrowse tool that many sites offer like Acquire. Instead of explaining to the bank representatives over the phone what the problem is and hoping they understand what you’re trying to say, you can now accept the representative’s request to CoBrowse, and you will be guided throughout the whole process without having any trouble.

Integrate Chatbot For Lead Generation

Chatbots are just one of the fastest-growing visual engagement tools in the banking industry today. They improve user engagement and become a staple of lead generation. These bots ensure constant communication at the same time, address a wide variety of consumer’s needs.

Moreover, chatbots can be of big help for banking customers who want to finish their transactions without experiencing any time-consuming obstacles. These lead bots can provide a wide variety of solutions, mainly to common user queries. They don’t only save time, but they also finish every procedure seamlessly and filter potential clients.

If there’s a query that these bots can’t handle, they quickly pass the information on qualified leads to the concerned department. And the most interesting thing is that bank staff, and chatbots can work together in the banking industry to give the best services for the consumers and present more than 100% satisfaction for them.

Use Live Chat for Real-Time Support

A lot of banks already invested deliberately in their online platforms. And with visual engagement tools already in place, live chat is a quite simple and less expensive technology that allows banks to restore that essential “personal touch,” which you can’t always experience online.

Features such as live chat and video call can solve instant user queries regarding online banking norms and procedures. They also speed up the flow of information between the user and the bank. All the information that the customer shared over the phone can be shared much easier during a live chat session.

Online customers can easily connect face to face with the bank staff or financial advisors, which allows banks to bring in-branch experience to their online banking platform.

Combined Effort For Customer Retention

Banks can attract a lot of customers daily. However, not all the time, they have been able to retain most of their consumers. Many industries agree that retaining a customer is less expensive than acquiring a new one.

In banking, the annual churn percentage on new consumers hover in 20 – 25 percent during the first year, while half of them won’t make it through the first 90 days after they open their accounts.

However, the banking industry has transformed incredibly with the introduction of online banking. Customer convenience and ease of processing banking transactions from anywhere and everywhere is the primary benefit provided by these services. It’s vital to grow customer relationships and solve real-time queries to make sure visitors return.

AR Enabled Solutions

Augmented Reality or AR is a kind of visual engagement tool which can overlay and share images, spaces, and physical objects on mobile devices. It allows customers to integrate the virtual and physical worlds by combining virtual items with their physical surroundings on their own images.

Banks are just starting to incorporate AR into their online process, but the fashion and home industry have been using AR ever since Augmented Reality started. The fashion industry has seen too many AR apps that help consumers to picture how they would look in a new cosmetics, hairstyle, eyewear, or a new outfit.

In furniture and home appliance industry, AR helps customers transform their houses into virtual showrooms. IKEA Place is just an example of AR apps that enables customers to envision the furniture in their own home before they make a purchase. These kinds of app remove the guesswork for shoppers when they shop online and simplify the track to purchase.


Visualization is becoming a vital part of any sales-driven technique. In this new era of integrated commerce, visual engagement tools can have a substantial impact on online banking experience. Whether it’s Video Chat, CoBrowsing, or AR online, all provide smooth transactions and seamless customer experience.

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By Sam Makad