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How to tie Customer Success into your CEM program

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | December 23, 2019

Understanding Customers…

Love it or hate it, it’s the key to driving great CX. And, this week on ‘The Sweets of CX’, I dove in to my first episode as a solo host, and was honored to interview a friend and colleague who’s ALL about his customers, Mike Miller– Director of Customer Success at CloudCherry (now Cisco). In truth, there’s no guest I’d rather have started out with, as Mike has an incredibly kind and calm presence that- no doubt- is part of the secret to his success with Customers.

But, don’t be too lulled by his calming voice…This guy has some dynamic advice on dealing with Customer Challenges, and you’ll want to sit up and take notice!

On this episode, Mike shares some of his day-to-day practices, some of which include regularly asking himself, “What are we doing to drive the improvement of each touchpoint?”, focusing on the value of the ‘smaller’ actions we can take, and keeping the customers’ feelings at the forefront. As Mike says, “It’s as simple as really listening and understanding the customer needs…So often, you can get caught up in your own product and what it can do- and that’s fantastic- but if we can navigate our product around what it is the customer wants, the outcomes usually speak for themselves.”

We also cover some of the top Customer Challenges Mike deals with regularly, the solutions he’s found most helpful (spoiler: It has a lot to do with meeting people where they’re at and helping them move forward from there), and some pretty stellar tips on gaining Customer Trust. As Mike puts it, “You have to care. You have to care every day for the people that you’re working with.” Fancy that!  

So, what Brand has wowed our Customer Success Expert? The answer may surprise you…It’s the band, Coldplay. Mike admires the way they “hold themselves to be fairly vulnerable”, as well as their brand messaging (across all platforms).

Indulgent personal note: As a former professional music theatre actress, this one struck a chord with me- in the best and most refreshing way. It goes to show that CX is EVERYWHERE. In any industry, it’s about connecting with people and providing an amazing experience- something Mike aims to do daily. Take a listen, and learn!

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Mike Miller Bio:

Director of Customer Success at CloudCherry (Now Cisco).
As Results-oriented leader, I am responsible for the direct success of customers and partners success by driving high value, creating proactive Customer Experience Management and real-time feedback to provide strong return on investments and margin revenue • Creating an outstanding Digital Customer Experience online, maintaining brand awareness and training constantly improving revenue and platform • Project Management, Customer Success, eCommerce, Relationship Management and Sales • Working and empowering the computer software and real estate industries • Skilled in Quarterbacking, Managing, Negotiation, Budgeting, Microsoft Word, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). SAAS Technology Expert 5+ years, Manager, Team Leader ROI focused.