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Game Changing Methods to Optimize Your Customer Experience

Summer Naomi InteriorSummer Naomi Interior | October 18, 2019

Game Changers.

We’re always on the lookout for the ones that will make the biggest impact. And, on this week’s “Sweets of CX” podcast, we’ve got the expert. Lynn Hunsaker– Chief Customer Officer at ClearAction Continuum & co-founder of ClearAction Value Exchange, CustomerThink Hall of Fame Author, Professor, award-winning Performance momentum expert, and MORE-  shares her wealth of knowledge. So, if you’re looking for methods to optimize your Customer Experience, this is your lucky episode.

To start with, Lynn believes in acting on the Insights we receive. As she says, “What I’ve found in doing 5 years of Best Practices Study on Customer Experience Practices [is that] VOC Managers get wrapped around the axile in all these listening posts; they never really build the skills or the system & the framework. And processes in the company need to get people to really act on it, to embrace it, and to embed the customer experience insights as a way of life in the company.”

From identifying the natural breakout of who your core growth customers are, to having a solid plan for what you are going to DO with your customer Insights, Lynn emphasizes the importance of looking for patterns. She’s also big on simplicity (Amen!), on avoiding what she calls ‘hoopla without business results’, and on the value of cross-functional collaboration. And, of course there’s that whole crazy idea of getting things right to begin with. As Lynn says, “Customers don’t want to just have junk happen and then have a wonderful solution. They’d rather not have the junk happen in the first place.” Preach.

So, what company has wowed our wise guest with their CX? That distinction goes to Ritz Carlton, who- while Lynn was sick in Hawaii- got her to a doctor on their dime- and in a limo, no less. Now, that’s a game changer.

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Lynn Hunsaker Bio:

Lynn Hunsaker is 1 of 5 CustomerThink Hall of Fame authors. She led customer experience and marketing at Applied Materials and Sonoco. She is a CXPA board member & CCXP, SVAMA past-president & PCM, and taught 21 courses at UC Berkeley Ext, SJSU, Mission College, UC Santa Cruz Ext. Lynn authored 6 benchmarking studies and 3 CXM handbooks. She is a CXPA Recognized Resource Training Provider with CCXP students from 70 countries. Lynn is a performance momentum expert at ClearAction Continuum and co-founder of ClearAction Value Exchange.